Friday, February 11, 2011

1 Year Doctor Visit

Today was Avin's 1 year doctor appointment.  
I always look forward to her scheduled doctor appointments so we can find out all her stats.  This time I was just excited because I had a feeling she had an ear infection.  She had two horrible nights of sleep and was just not acting like herself at all.  

The sad face below and the horrible shrieking screams where to much to handle.  I do not do well when she just cries and cries and cries especially when it is at night time. I felt horrible for her and horrible for everyone else because NO ONE was getting sleep.

Her One Year Stats 

Height : 18 1/2 - 25/50%
Weight : 16lbs 2oz - (-3%)
Head : 46cm - 75%

The doctor seemed a little concerned with her weight.  
She is dropping off the charts more then where she was at before. 

Then the doctor told me something I never thought I would hear come out of a doctors mouth. . .

She told me to start feeding her things high in fat and calories. 
Add butter and cheese ( melted cheese ) to the things she is eating. 

I looked at the doctor and she said I know it sounds crazy to hear me say this but pretty much anything you shouldn't add to her food you should be so that she can plump up and gain weight. 
I know that Avin is small but she doesn't seem underweight to me and she isn't like super skinny that it is gross.  We will work on getting more fats and calories in her diets though.  

The doctor checked her over and when she got to her ears I knew something was wrong because she took longer then normal looking in the right ear.  She told me that her right ear had some fluid in it and then she moved on to the left ear and came back quickly and said that her left ear was very infected.  


She is now on antibiotics and will hopefully be back to normal in no time.  This winter has really sucked for sickness and I can not wait until spring is truly here.

Avin had to get her finger pricked and 3 shots.  The shots where horrible!
One in her leg and one in the back of each arm.  It is not fun holding your baby girl while they stick needles in her arms and leg at different times.  She cried for a little while but didn't even shed a tear for the finger prick ( those usually hurt me the most ). 

Overall the doctor appointment went well.  I am glad we had it scheduled when we did and that we are getting her ears taken care of.

Now hopefully we don't have to go back to the doctors office again until her 15 month check up.


Kelly said...

What a petite little lady! She looks just perfect so I wouldn't worry too much about her weight. Maybe she is destined to be a super model ;)

Lindsey said...

Of course, as weird as it sounds to hear a doctor tell you that, my niece was the same way. One of her first words was "Donald's" for McDonald's! She would get happy meals galore and could recognize the golden arches a mile away. Don't think that is the food she will always want. Now she eats healthy foods and it never phased her.