Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Avins 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Avin's 1st Birthday last Saturday the 5th. 
I have been planning this party for months and it was so fun to see everything come together.  I will say I do not enjoy having her birthday in February because we could not be outside.  Thankfully we have a large playroom in the basement and the kids spent a lot of time down there but our house is not that big and it was pretty packed with people ( and a lot of people where missing ). 

I decided to do her party at 11:30 am instead of in the late afternoon and I am so excited that I did that.  It was so nice to get some stuff set up on Friday night and then wake up early and get the rest set up and have people come over.  I also loved that once everyone left we got everything cleaned up and had the rest of the afternoon / evening to rest and relax.  I will be doing most parties at 11:30am from now on. 

Grandma got Avin down for a morning quick nap while I ran out and got the balloons and the cake.  I am so glad she was able to get a 45 minute nap in, made a big difference! 

that was the theme for this party and I loved how everything turned out.

Here is a picture of her Invitation that my good friend Kelly made for me.  
Loved her invitation as always.

I got a lot of things off of Etsy, went with my same cake lady ( she is already helping me with 
Alex cake ) had help from my mom and mother in law with the food, and Kelly helped me with some of the banners and decorations.

The Cake

Some of the decorations 
Pom poms, pictures, cute signs, balloons, bows
everything orange and pink.

Take Homes For The Guests
Soaps and Crayons.

The Banners 
we had a happy birthday banner and a monthly banner 
with my favorite pictures of her from each month.

The Birthday Girls Chair
got this white high chair from a client of mine and I love it!

People started to arrive, we ate, socialized, played, open gifts, had cake and ice cream and called it a day.  I didn't have any games or anything planned.  It was just low key and everyone just ate and hung out.  

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl and Her Sister!

 Our Family


Some Guests
Alex got to have some of her friends there which was 
nice as well as Avin had her friends there

The Food
We had way to much food.

The gifts
Avin got lots of clothes and shoes and a few books.  
So glad she did not get many toys!
She did get a baby doll and a stuffed animal that she loves to carry around with her.

Happy Birthday To You!

As you can see Avin was not shy with the cupcake at all.  She dug right in and loved it :)

Happy Birthday Miss Avin. 
We had a wonderful party and we where so glad so many friends and family could make it to help celebrate her first birthday.  We sure did miss the people that where not able to be there.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday little Avin! That cake is amazing and I LOVE all of your decorations! It looks like it was an awesome party =) Great job momma!

Paige said...

Adorable decor! You did an awesome job for this party! I really love the favors that you gave out, that is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

So adorable! Love the colors, cake, and adorable Avin basket she got! Happy Birthday Avin!

Kelly said...

We had a blast! your house was decorated so cute! I can't believe she is one!

Anna said...

Happy birthday, little lady!

The decorations and food look amazing. Nicely done!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Wonderful pictures! Happy 1st Birthday, Avin!!!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Your girls are so sweet! Love your blog and I became a follower! :)