Monday, February 28, 2011

Bits Of Information

I am a BIG time daydreamer.  I daydream all the time!
Most of the time my daydreams are INSANE and OVER THE TOP!
I thought I would let you guys in on a few things that I have been DAYDREAMING about lately.
Not only do I daydream about them but they are some things that I NEED / WANT!
Maybe they are not all daydreams but things that I am OBSESSING over right now!

1. A New Car - 
we truly need a new car.  Both my car and chads car have had some issues over the last few months.  There is no way we can afford to replace both and right now we can't even afford to replace one.  Normally I would daydream about an Audi ( those are my all time favorite cars - umm how sexy is the R8 in transformers ) but I have been keeping it more realistic lately and am wanting the KIA SORENTO!

The reason I am loving this car is because it could some day be in our price range and it has 3 rows / seats 7 people. I love that it is still an SUV and I truly love how it looks. This car is almost 10,000 cheaper then the two cars I used to rav over, the acadia and the enclave.

2. Avins Bedroom - 
I am dieing to redo Avins room.  She has the exact same room as Alex had as a baby and it is ok to say that I am sick of the green walls and the bumble bee bedding.  Though I think that the bedding is cute and I loved it I am truly reading to be done with it.  I have been eyeing this room at Pottery Barn Kids for the longest time and I hope come next Christmas and her Birthday we can transform her room into this.

I also want to redo Alex room and am hoping to do it next year at the same time.  I feel like with them being so young they can get bedding and some things for there room without really being upset about gifts.  Avin will still have no idea what is really going on and Alex really wants a purple room so I think she would love to have new bedroom stuff.  This is the only purple room that I have found that I have liked so far.  I will continue to look for Alex but am pretty set on Avins room.

3. Boy Names -
I love baby names and it is no secret that if someone could promise me 100% that I would have a boy I would be pregnant right now!  We are pretty sure we are done having kids, how sad is that but it is just what is best for our family right now.  We will not do anything permanent for at least a few more years to come.  The boy names I am loving over right now are Crosby, Crue, Colson, Lucas and Jacob.  If we ever had a boy his middle name would be Michael after my husbands dad.

4. Camera Bag -
I am searching for a new camera bag.  I have a backpack that is perfect for when I go on my photo shoots or when I shoot a wedding but I want something that I can take with me daily and keep my camera safe and unscratched. I want something that is stylish and that looks like a purse.  Something that can hold my camera and an extra lens on top of my wallet and a few things Avin needs.  I would also love it to be able to hold my notebook, that would be a big plus. The ones I am gushing over are by Epiphanie and CheekyThey are a little expensive but in the long run if it can keep my camera safe, I can actually start taking pictures daily and not leave my camera at home I will be one happy girl!  I miss out on so many great pictures because I don't bring my camera with me daily!

I am in love with the bags below.  The Epiphanie is a little bit more expensive but both of the ones I show from that site holds a notebook as well as your camera.  The cheeky is decent priced and super cute but does not hold the notebook.

5. Pretty Little Liars 
I am in love with the new book series that I am reading right now, "Pretty Little Liars".  This is an 8 book series and I am almost done with book number 4 and have been reading them for about 2 weeks.  There is a TV show that goes along with them and I will wait to watch that until I am done reading the series.  

I am a huge fan of book series.  For some reason I would rather read a series then one book! I look forward to getting addicted and sucked into the series.  Some of my all time favorite series are TWILIGHT ( duh ) and The House Of Night ( another VAMP series DUH ). I have also read The Sookie Stack House / True Blood Series, it was good but far out there at times.

6. Birthday Parties -
Yup it is true I daydream about my kids birthday parties and only wish I could go ALL OUT for them.  I try my best to do / get some cute things to decorate for their parties and loving planning and having a large group of people at our house.  I had a blast with Avins party and am now having a blast with planning Alex 4th party.  I never thought I would be into theme parties but I love picking out a theme and finding things to go along with it.  There are so many fun Party Blogs out there that I just adore looking at!  There is one party that I can not wait to do and it is an Owl themed PJ party!  I will do that party when Alex or Avin gets older and can have a few girls spend the night.  I have seen it done a few times and it looks so CUTE! 

Well I think that is it for now.  I am sure I will be daydreaming about more things as summer comes along!
Do you daydream?


Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

I've been hooked on reading since I read the Twilight series last month. I had never even seen the movies until last month but now I love them. I just started the Sookie Stackhouse series & really like it so far. I love planning Aleigha's bday parties too. I've been working on her 3rd bday for a few months now.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I hope you are able to replace one of your cars soon!
I sure do daydream...if only I had enough money to fulfill them! ;)

Jessica said...

Girl I have so many things I am daydreaming about too!! Hopefully y'all can get a new car soon!

I've seen that Night Owl themed party too & it is sooo cute!! I love planning my kids parties as well! We have Averly's coming up very soon!!!

Lyryn said...

YAY! To the new car! That's awesome! And... that bag. I have read so much about that! I hear amazing things about it. I want it!!!! You have to tell me about it when you get it!

Paige said...

I absolutely love the new kia's! They just look fabulous! I think you and my Mom could be OCD about birthday parties all day long. haha! (i'm really not kidding about that one) I have been day dreaming a lot lately too but you already know this being that your blog bff!

Marissa said...

super cute blog here...found you from another blog! Precious family :)