Tuesday, February 1, 2011

California Day 2

Day two of California was my FAVORITE day.  

We woke up at the butt crack of dawn 5:30am Cali time and hung out in the hotel room for awhile.  We got ready and walked along the ocean to Einstein Bagels, got our breakfast and headed back to the hotel room to eat ( they only had one high top table inside ).  We hung out in our hotel room and by the pool until about 9:30.  Then Alex and I went with my mom and step dad to see my step brother and his families house.  We hung out there for a little bit ( Alex had a major melt down, waking up so early and going to bed later did not mix ) and then we went back to the hotel to get everyone and head to SEA WORLD! 

 ( Left - Uncle Chad and Alex / Right - Grandma, Grandpa and Alex )


 ( Avin crawling around Sea World )

We got there around 11am and it was not busy at all. 
It was actually never busy and that was amazing.  There was never any
large crowds except for at the shows and those where really not that full.

( here are the pictures of Alex reaching / touching the Dolphins )

We saw Dolphins right away and it was AMAZING.  I love dolphins and to actually swim with them is going on my bucket list, it is something I have always wanted to do.  This was almost like a dream come true because they would come up so close to us and we got to interact with them.  

 ( Nolan loving Sea World. Seriously need to get his Happy Dance / Excited Dance on video )

Yes Alex and I both touched Dolphins for the first time in our lives on the same day.  Simply amazing and they are one amazing animal. 

 ( Touching and feeding the Sting Ray )

 ( String Rays )

Then we moved on to the Sting Rays and we got to touch them and some people even fed them. Sting Rays felt way different then I thought.  They where soft and smooshy and it was awesome feeling them and watching them swim around.  They where a lot larger then I thought they where going to be and there where a ton in the tank.  It is amazing how used to people these animals are and how friendly they are.

 ( Nolan was so excited about everything and thought it
was great when the Sting Ray splashed water out of the tank and it got on him. )

( Here is Alex all excited about the String Rays )

My step dad was feeding them and my brother asked for a piece and my step dad held the tray of nasty food out and a random bird came up and grabbed it out of his hand and took it across the tank and started to eat it.  They really did mean to watch for the birds.  We all laughed so hard about the entire thing, great memory.
 ( Here is my step dad feeding a String Ray and the Bird that took his food )

After the Sting Rays we headed to watch a show.  We went to the Sea Lion show first and it was great.  It was a great show but more people acting and comedy then the animals actually doing tricks.  They even put on an American Idol skit!

(  Feedings the Sea Lions / Nolan checking out the Sea Lions )

Before we checked out the show we watched and fed the sea lions for awhile. 
The birds are seriously nasty and mean if you are trying to feed the animals. 

Above is my brother and sister in law acting like the Sea Lions behind them!  
Below are some family pictures of my family!

Then we got to the show and let me tell you Avin loved EVERY SINGLE SHOW!  Her head was moving all over trying to watch everything and she was talking so much.  It was just about the cutest thing ever. 

( Alex was super tired in this picture and took about an 1.5 hour nap after this show )

A few pictures above from the show. 
This show was by far my least favorite but it was still fun and funny!

We had lunch next and then went to the Dolphin Show.  My step dad stayed back with Alex because she had fallen asleep and the rest of us went to see the show.  The Dolphin Show was amazing and it was more like Cirque Du Soleil then a Dolphin show.  

( my nephew Nash watching the show )

After the Dolphin show we headed to Elmo's World and Alex and Nolan went on the 3 rides that they have there.  They both love rides and it was perfect to break up the day of animals. 

Measuring Avin and letting her check out 
all the things around Elmo's World!

More Rides

The last show we saw was Shamu.  The entire bottom area of the theater was a WET ZONE and it has it posted everywhere.  It was so funny when one of the whales started splashing all the people that went running.  We sat in a DRY zone, it was warm but not that warm!

These creatures are AMAZING.  
To think of how massive they are and how much they weightbut the things they can do is truly unreal.  To watch them throw themselves out of the water and just be graceful seems so crazy. 

One Memory That Will Last Forever : Now that we are home and if we saw Shamu Avin will put her hands in the air and then down, up and then down, up and then down.  They did this in the show when we wanted Shamu to splash and we love that she knows and does it!

After the Shamu Show we went to a few more exhibits. 
We saved the Polar Bears and the Penguins for last.

( avin chilling )

Polar Bears are so darn cute!

I loved Sea World.  Best Day in Cali by far.  Both of my girls love animals and it was so great to watch Avin talk and clap and get excited about the shows.  I loved that Alex got to touch a dolphin!  Would really recommend Sea World to anyone.  

Being at Sea World makes me wish that I was great at science and 
that I could be a trainer of some sort.  What a dream job that would be.


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I've been catching up on your posts! It looks like you had a great trip to California! Cute pictures!

Little Lexi said...

You should watch the movie "The cove" You will never go back to a dolphin show in your life. Sorry to be a debbie downer, but after seeing the movie, I can't help but spread the word!

Sharstin said...

california looks so much fun! i love all of your fun picts, and it looks like you guys had a blast~