Tuesday, February 8, 2011

California Day 3

 On the 3rd day in California we went to the Wild Animal Park.
I was super excited about this park because I love animals but over all I was not that impressed at all.  Sure I loved going in the Safari Tram and learning about different animals and watching them roam but the rest of the park I did not that was that great.

 Below is a picture of the Giant Gorillas! 
Then there is pictures of everyone seeing how they compare to the Gorillas. 

My brother Adam, step brother Chad, step brother Ross, Alex and Avin!

Alex checking them out through the Binoculars.  We actually got to see one of the trainers off to the side throwing some treats in to some of the Gorillas.  It was fun to watch them interact with them and he kept telling them to SHHH so that the BIG GIANT one would not come over there.  I kind of wish he would have so we could have seen what would have happened. 

 Our family picture at the Animal Park.

Avin hanging out with daddy. 

 Alex and Nolan shaking a grove thing!

See the Rhino Baby laying down.  

Here we are on the Safari, a 25 minute long ride that is truly amazing.
The picture below over looks a big chunk of the park.  This park is amazing with how it is built and how much space the animals have.  These animals are lucky to live in / on over1800 acres.  There is over 3,500 animals and 260 species.  

It is not only an animal park but a botanical garden as well.

I love that this place is dedicated to helping these animals reproduce and they are very successful at it. We saw so many little babies, it was the best.  I love the baby Elephants and Giraffes!  

After the park we went back to the Hotel for awhile and then headed out to Dinner for my Mom's birthday. My moms birthday was on January 22nd and she turned 60 years old!  It was so nice to have everyone in our family together to celebrate.  We went to this amazing restaurant and I can not think of the name of it for the life of me but it was Amazing.  It was nice for this dinner we split up the men and women so we got to talk different people, normally we sit by our spouses!  My mom wanted a steak house and we got a steak house.  I had a great salad along with an amazing Steak.  We where so busy talking and hanging out that we TOOK no pictures.  I am so sad we got no pictures from that night but we will all remember that night.  

After dinner we went to this Frozen Yogurt shop and that was also AMAZING.  I love frozen yogurt and Minnesota needs to get something like this because TCBY does not cut it.  We got to choose between 6 different flavors of yogurt ( i got the vanilla ) and we got to choose between 20 different toppings.  The best thing is they weight it at the end and that is how it is priced.  I had vanilla yogurt with m&ms, sprinkles and I can not remember what else but You can choose from different cereal toppings or fresh fruits and lots of different candy bar toppings.  SERIOUSLY AMAZING!

I hope my mom had a great birthday, I know we all enjoyed her birthday. 

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Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Were you at Big Spoon? They are all over CA and my kids LOVE it!!