Wednesday, February 9, 2011

California Day 4

 We headed to Disney Land on the 4th and last full day in California.  We stayed in San Diego so the drive to Disney was about an hour and forty five minutes.  We rented a large van so we all got to ride together which was nice except that my step sister and her husband drove because they live in the LA area and it made sense for them to just go home from there.

We got to Disney around 10 or 1030 and it was crowded. I did not take that many pictures at Disney and did not get one family picture.  Total bummer, very disappointed about this.

A lot of people wore Disney gear. 
Alex was sporting her Minnie shirt that Grandma got for her.

The first ride we went on was TOY STORY 
and it was maybe my favorite ride of the day.
Alex was super excited about this ride.

 Grandpa, Grandma and Avin.

Daddy and Alex blasting all the bad guys.

Uncle Adam and Aunt Heather having a BLAST!

The next ride was Finding Nemo.  
We waited for about 25 minutes for this ride, it got pitch black
in there and some of the kids did not like that..  
Here is a picture of Alex in the Submarine.

 My step sister and my sister in law are both pregnant so when it came time for the BIG KID rides it was actually nice to have two people that could not ride them because we always needed someone to stay with the kids.  We went on Space Mountain ( which as a kid seemed way cooler and way more scary ) and we went on the Indian Jones ride ( which was pretty cool ) as well as a Jungle Safari ( which was ok ).  

We waited between 10 and 35 minutes for each ride.  
Doesn't seem to bad but is kind of hard with little kids.
Alex also napped in her stroller as well as Avin which was nice and needed.

Alex, Chad, Ross, Kendra and Nolan all enjoyed the Tea Cups!
Chad told me that at one point him and Ross just looked at each other and stopped turning the Tea Cup ( I think someone or two where getting a little dizzy ).

After the Tea Cups we also did the Mad Hatter ride which was umm pointless but Alex enjoyed it.  Disney really is geared towards little kids.  I really wanted big rides, big roller coasters!

 Alex and Daddy at Disney.
It was hard to dress.  Alex wore capri's to start went to shorts and back to capri's and a sweatshirt at night.  Once the sun went down it was actually pretty chilly.

Avin chilling in her spot!
She was such a good girl.  She did so well napping on the go and just being a happy baby.  
She was actually great the entire trip.

A bunch of us went on the Merry Go Round!
This Merry Go Round was HUGE!

My Sister In Law Heather.
Her and my brother skipped down the main street in Disney.  
She was seriously like a kid in the candy store.  
I can't wait tell we can go to DISNEY WORLD
and take our kids ( when they are older, much older )

Alex and I
She was not wanting a picture with me but I was forcing her!
Gotta do what you gotta do to get in a picture with your kid!

After the Merry Go Round we headed towards some big kid rides and Alex was super tired so we knew she would nap in the stroller.  She was just about to sleep and I noticed some of the Princesses out taking pictures with people.  I kept talking to her to keep her awake so that she could get pictures with the princesses.

The first princess was Cinderella and I had to go up with Alex and talk to her.  
Alex was not happy at first but slowly opened up and was ok with the other princesses.

She then met Sleeping Beauty and we took a quick picture with her.

She was the most friendly with Ariel. 
She ran up to her and talked to her and was actually happy to get a picture with her.
I love the last picture of her hugging Ariel.  Melt my heart it is so stinken cute!
I can not wait until we go to Disney World and we can do breakfast with the Princesses!

We got to Disney early and left late.  On the way home we stopped at an In N Out Burger.  Most of us had never been there and we wanted to try it out.  We all thought it was pretty good and great prices.  

The next day we would be heading home.  We did not have to be to the air port so we drove around San Diego for awhile.  My step brother and his wife are both professors at Point Loma University so we went to the campus and got to see where they work ( umm over looking the beach, amazing views wow stunning ) and then we drove by some of the big navy ships because my husband really wanted to see that stuff.  On the way to the air port we stopped at Chic-fil-a for a snack.  I have been there once but most of us had not ever been and I loved it.  I think everyone loved it.  The chicken is SO MUCH BETTER then nasty McDonalds.  So wish we had one in Minnesota. 

It was bitter sweet leaving behind my step brother, his family and my step sister and her husband.  It is hard having family live across the country especially when I do not get to see my nephews that often.  It was so awesome being able to spend this extra time with them.  I would give anything for them to all live in Minnesota close by us and I would give anything for Chad and I to be able to take a trip just the two of us back to San Diego to explore more.  
We had a WONDERFUL time in San Diego with my family.  Thank You Mom and Jack for allowing us all to spend 5 great days together and make memories we will remember for ever.  

( We sure hope you are already planning it )


Annie said... fun!! I have never been to DisneyLand...but Disney World is aweosme. I cant wait til my kids are old enough for us to take them!! :)

Jessica said...

I LOVE Disney!! Looks like y'all had so much fun! I can't wait to take our kids one day!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Cute pictures! It looks like you had a nice escape from Minnesota!

Little Lexi said...

I am pretty sure there is a chick fil a on the U of M campus.