Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Years Old


I can not believe that a year ago today we where in the hospital welcoming you into this world a month and a half earlier then we had expected.  I can not believe how strong you where and oh how tiny your sweet little body was back then. 

Having a baby at 34 weeks was scary but leaving you in the nicu and just waiting for the day they where going to release you was the worst of the journey. You fought hard and you shocked all of us.  You are our little rock star. 

You have been simply amazing through the past 12 months. 
It has been wonderful watching you grow and surprising to watch you do things a month or more before your sister, whom back then we thought was ahead of the charts.  You sat, crawled and walked early but like your sister you got your first two teeth late at 11 months. 

You have been strong and your immune system is growing strong.  
This winter has been hard with fevers, the flu, lots of runny noses and coughs but nothing major and we are so thankful for that.  With having a premiee they say you need to worry and watch for a lot of things but you have stayed strong and even though you have had something going on most of the winter it is nothing we can't handel at home!

You are a true girl.  Even more so then your sister and I think you are going to be the more difficult one out of the two.  You are already throwing tantrums like I have never seen.  You will stop in your track lay on the floor sprawled out, stretching your body and scream.  You know and we know you want to be picked up but you will not crawl or walk the extra steps to come to mommy or daddy.  I can't help but laugh because well your only one and you are working it. 

 Not only are you throwing fits but you are starting to stand up in your high chair, go all stiff body when trying to put you in your car seat, throwing food on the ground when eating, taking things out of every basket or bucket or shelf and getting into everything.  

Some of your favorite activites include :
Taking everything out of the winter stuff bucket 
Playing in the dishwasher 
Pulling down all the dvds that are in your reach
Playing down stairs in the playroom and going from one thing to the next.
Bath Time

We have had such a hard time with you when it comes to sleeping.  Every night was different and no matter what we did nothing seemed to help.  It seems as though over the last 2 weeks you have kind of figured out sleeping and have been sleeping through the night ( though last night sucked ).  It is odd to have you sleep through the nights because I still wake 2 or 3 times.  When I wake I usually check on you and put your nuk back in.  I know I shouldn't do this but it keeps me sane and makes me think you will sleep sleep sleep and you have been. 

Naps have been though.  Every day is different for us so it is really hard to get you on a routine.  Sometimes you sleep in the morning ( short nap ) and afternoon ( long nap ) but like I said every day is different for nap times. 

You are a great eater and we have been doing more soilds now.  You are comp. off of all baby foods except for oatmeal.  You eat anything we put in front of you but you love chicken patties and cold cut meats.  You are also a big fan of fruits and you love to snack.  Anything you can hold onto and feed yourself seems to make you happy.  We do also give you a lot of yogurt and applesauce.  

We do however need to get better at the entire vegetable thing. Our family sucks at eating vegetables and we really need to improve on that.  I will try I promise and if I wont eat it I will still offer it to you. 

Oh and just recently you have started to scream when you want something or more of something.  If you see us eating something and you want it you seriously shreeeeeek!  It is so loud and annoying.  You have no patience at all and we really need to work on that.

You hate to be smothered, hell I hate it when your smothered.  It doesn't help that Alex and Sophie just adore you and always want to be touching or all over you.  We are working on it with them ( especially sophie ).  I secretly can not wait until you can talk back and maybe even bite or pinch ( I should not have said that, now I will have a bitter on my hands ).
I am fine with you not liking it though.  I like that you want to do things on your own and be independent. It makes me happy when you figure out how to open things or get somewhere that you couldn't before.  You learn new things daily and I love that all most all of the time I am there to witness it.

As the pictures show you are walking.  You started walking at about 10.5 months and EVERYONE comments about how little you are and how funny it is to see you walking.  No one ever guesses that you are one years old. You never did the army crawl thing you went from crawling for maybe 4 months to walking and you are super stable on your feet now.  You can turn and bend down to pick something up and stand right back up and you also can stand up from sitting on your own now. Shoes or no shoes it doesn't seem to matter you just love walking.

You however do not go down stairs.  You almost never go up the stairs so I think it will be awhile before you learn to go down them.  We have a door to the basement that is always closed and our stairs to go to the top floor are by the front door and we just don't hang out there.  You used to be so into the stairs but now you really could care less.  We do not even use a baby gate and we never really did with Alex either.

Your personality.
Little girl it shines.  You are full of life and let everyone around you know about it.  You are loud and love to be heard.  You love playing games like So Big and Peek A Bo. You are becoming more ticklish and actual giggle out loud now ( witch we love because I swear Alex never laughed ). You have the biggest smile ever and your eyes just light up the room.  You are sassy and I have a feeling you are going to bring more drama to our lives.

You get so excited about some things that your legs and arms just GO GO GO GO GO.  
I was watching the mornitor last night and when daddy walked into your room your arms where flapping like a baby bird learning to fly and when he picked you up your legs where kicked so fast.

The pictures above show some of your personality of your arms going crazy and you about to get super mad and make fists and scream.

It is crazy how a little girl like you can go from being so happy to so mad in such a short time period.

I just love the picture above.  I took the risk and had you stand on there and had to snap as fast as I could.  Just glad I got one good picture out of the bunch because you where not happy!

You are wearing size 6/9 and 6/12 months clothing.
  A lot of things are still big on you but it is kind of nice and most things will fit you for the entire summer.
I put you in outfits that are leggings and shirts mainly because they are simple cute and I know what goes with what.  This summer I think you will be wearing a lot of dresses.

You are in size 3 diapers.  

You wear size 2 or 3 shoes.  
Your feet are tiny.  Size 3 shoes are big on you but I can make them tight enough so that they stay on and it doesn't seem to bug you or affect your walking.  I actually just bought 3 pairs of size 4 shoes for this summer at target today because you had a gift card for there.  Love being able to stock up on some things you need.

It isn't that you don't love your daddy but man do you love your mommy.  Some days I love it and some days it is super hard.  You are not a snuggler so it isn't like I just get to sit down and soak you all in.  It is more like when Avin gets mad, or tired or anything along those lines she wants her mommy and no one else.  Grandma will do most the time so that is nice.

You still ADORE your SISTER!
You love being around her, playing with her and interacting with her in any way you can. You do bug her some times but most of the time she is great with you and is always willing to help us out. You are lucky that Alex is your big sister.

Where oh where could the balloon have gone.. where or where could it be?

Avin you are beautiful, amazing, one of a kind, silly, dramatic, over the top, loud but most of all just a wonderful joy that has been added to our lives.  This year has come and gone so quickly but it truly could not have been a better year.

You make me on proud mommy!

Happy First Birthday Avin.
Mommy, Daddy and Sissy Love You More Than Anything. 
You are our world and we are so lucky to have you in our family, our lives. 
This truly is a special day!


Meant to be a mom said...

I can't believe she's a year already. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVIN!!! She is such a big girl walking and taking pictures like a pro. I hope this next year is perfect for her :)

Erica said...

Happy birthday Avin! I love her little cupcake shirt and the balloon photos:)

Sharstin said...

oh she is darling! these photos are fab!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

She is adorable!!!