Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Rants About Random Things

So Much Is Going On Right Now Both In The Real World And In My Head That
I Thought I Would Write A Randoms Post That I Have Seen A Few Friends Do!

  • My uncle lost his job a week or so ago, they have not cut my hours yet hopefully he will have a job soon.  He has had a few interviews.  I need him to find a job as I need a job!  Bills to pay people. 
  • My husbands job has been cut back to 32 hours a week.  He has an extra day off for awhile.  That really cuts into paying bills and planning parties!
  • My mom and step dad are in New Zeland for like 12 days or something.  It is way to long for them to be gone.  In every email she writes.. don't let Avin forget us.  You think if Avin forgets them then they won't go on such long trips ;)
  • I can't decide on a dress for Alex to wear for her birthday.  I know her birthday is in April but its the start of April and I need to take pictures of her at the start of March so that I can include a picture with her invitations. I contacted a lady from Etsy in hopes she can help me out.  I found a few online but don't want to spend that kind of money so trying something else.
  • Avin is up screaming in her crib as I work on this.  We are not working today and today = HELL.  She is the worst sleeper ever and I am sick of her having to fall asleep in my arms.  Is it mean if I just leave her up there and let her scream until she falls asleep.  I have gone up there twice now.  I am loosing my mind with her.  Poor girl is sick and I feel so bad but HOLY CRAP i can't deal with screaming and whining like that!
  • We have a big appointment coming up for my father in law this weekend.  I am not sure I have ever talked about his situation but thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.  My husband and his family will head down to the big Mayo clinic on Friday morning.  I will be staying back with the girls ( no one to watch them ).  I am sad that I won't be able to be there and I hope they ask a lot of questions.
  • THANK GOD IT IS TAX SEASON!  We need this money bad!  now that both are jobs are not doing so well we need some extra money. 
  • My car went bad this past week and we had to spend $500.00 + and get it fixed.  Glad that was all it was and that it is running again.  We are in no financial position to get a new car.
  • Our sink clogged the night before Valentines.  The husband tried all Valentines day to fix it and finally called a plumber and it took the plumber 2 hours and $155.00 later and are drain is clog free!
  • I am currently in love with GLEE.  I have always been a fan but the Super Bowl Show and the show this week with Justin Bieber songs was amazing.  I love the show and everything about it.  I love how racy it can be but how true it is to the real world.  Hope it continues for a long long time!
  • I just started reading the series Pretty Little Liars.  I am a lover of books that come in series.  I just heard about this TV show one morning going to work and I had to stop and pick up the first book.  I read the first book in less then 24 hours and just started the 2nd book today.  I know it is a new show on ABC but I have yet to see it.  I will wait for awhile or until I am done with the 8 books! Like I said I love series.  Just finished the 8th book from the House of Night series and I loved it.  Know of any other great series?!
  • The weather.. lets talk about the WEATHER!  Holy crap it has been amazing the past few days.  Like sun shining and no coat needed type of weather here in the frozen tundra!  Yup but I have a feeling it is just a teaser and snow is right around the corner.. PLEASE TELL ME I AM WRONG.  All I seriously ask for is that we can spend the day outside playing when we have Alex birthday party on April 9th.
I think that is enough rambling on and on now.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wed.  both girls are sleeping and we have dance tonight!   I am off to get some reading done and think about what we might do for dinner.



Erica said...

You do have a lot on your mind! Sorry to hear about your husband's job, hope things get back to normal!

Jessica said...

I totally feel ya in the job area. TAG lost his job back in December & has just been working a temporary job ever since. He does have an interview today though. Please say a prayer! I will definitely keep y'all in my prayers as well. I know it's a hard time.

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

I hope things work out with yalls jobs. I know how things can be tight with only 1 income and paying for nursing school things are like that around here alot. And I really want to read the House of Night series!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I hope things improve with your jobs soon!
Sending prayers to your father-in-law.
I hope you're enjoying the warm weather. I know we are!

Unknown said...

Glee? LOVE it!! I'm definitely a Gleek. :)

I had no idea Pretty Little Liars was a series! I watched a couple episodes on TV but I think I'll start reading the books instead.

I hear you about the car. Ours is in ROUGH shape and I refuse to buy another one. We cannot afford a car payment right now.