Thursday, March 10, 2011

13 Months

This little lady is 13 months old today!
I still look at her and can not believe that she is already one years old!
She really is not a baby anymore!
( but rocking her to sleep this morning she still felt like a baby in my arms )

Her personality is developing and we are loving every minute of it. 
She has a bubbly, out going, loud, crazy and silly personality.
We see bits and pieces of Alex in her but mainly she has a personality like no other.

She makes us laugh daily. 

When you ask her to dance she turns around in circles. 
Over and over again smiling.

When you tell her to go night night she lays down where 
ever she is and puts her head on the ground.

She carries her stuffed animals all over the house and
has the biggest smile on her face when she finds one of them.

She has recently become attached to her blankies.  
She loves to hold on to them and carry a bunch of them around.

She is OBSESSED with the stairs.
She only knows how to get up them and won't attempt going down.
( we never used a baby gate with Alex and we don't with Avin either )

She is a giggly baby.
Just recently she has really started to laugh a lot more and we are soaking up every single laugh.  
Alex was never much into laughing as a baby so it is nice having one child that really giggles as a baby.

She laughs the most at Alex.
In the car Alex will ROAR or play Peek A Boo and Avin will just giggle and giggle. 
She has become more of a picky eater recently and does not eat as much as she used to.

She still loves bananas, yogurt and mac & cheese!

No matter what she is eating she always ends up a HUGE mess.

 Her eyes are turning more Hazel, just like her mom and sister.

She is still in size 3 diapers.

She only takes a bottle at night time, but she refuses to hold her own sippy cup.

She still only has the two bottom teeth.

She is in 6/9 or 6/12 month clothing.

She wears a size 2/3 shoe.

She is finally sleeping through the night.  
Not only is she sleeping through the night but she is putting herself to sleep at nap and bedtime.  The putting herself to sleep has just started this past week.  She was getting very difficult to get to sleep and we finally just started putting her in her crib on her own.

This is a HUGE deal for us as Alex never did this and Alex always slept with us.  Loving having Avin in bed by 8pm and having the night to relax!  Also loving getting a full nights sleep with no crying or waking baby.  She still might wake up I almost never have to get out of bed anymore!

At what point to do turn off the monitor and pack it up? 

She still doesn't say any words. 
She might say mamamamama, or dadadadada or other nonsense but it is all just babbling.  She doesn't look at me and say mama or look at Chad and say dada.  She says nininini or nunununu and we think it is for nuk but we have no idea.  I am not to worried about it.  She still can voice her opinion that is for sure and her opinion is usually LOUD AND CLEAR!

Yesterday we where home from work, Alex was sleeping and I was working on some emails and when I wondered what Avin was up to this is how I found her.  She had gotten into Alex car seat and was just hanging out playing with papers and looking at a book.

I took her out of the seat and hoped she would show me how she got it.  She did and I got it all on camera and she was so excited for herself!  I love when she learns how to do new things, which is daily! She sat there and played and got in and out and in and out for over 30 minutes! 

Happy 13 Months Sweet Girl! 
It sure is amazing watching you grow. 


Jessica said...

She is getting so big! And so pretty too! I think she looks a LOT like Alex in that last picture! I LOVE that Jenny Lind rocking chair & her dirty little face!

Kelly said...

Such a cutie!

Kelly said...

She is still so tiny...but getting so 'big'. They are growing up too fast.

Annie said...

She is so beautiful!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Happy 13 months, Avin!!! She has such a cute smile!!!