Friday, March 25, 2011

Before The Storm

Yeah we are crying over here because we have snow again.  Even though these pictures where taken on a really nice day and we where playing outside.  She was ready to be done and go inside for the day but she truly loves being outside. 

We put her on the little 4 wheeler and she loved it.  She even learned how to press the button to make it go.  It scared her a little bit and she would only hold down the button for a second at a time. 

She looks like such a big girl on the 4 wheeler. It really makes her
look like a toddler.  She is growing way to fast.

Alex of course was ready to rock out in her JEEP! 

They both can't wait for SPRING.
I would say summer but I am not ready for summer, I want spring weather.

But that nice clean driveway is now full with ice and snow! 
I shoveled yesterday and my body is killing me, well mainly my upper body.

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