Monday, March 14, 2011


Last Friday Night Grandma Schuler and I took Alex to a Carnival at the Elementary School that she will go to in a few years.  We met up with Alex best friend Mya and her mom. We got there about 5:45 ( it started at 5:30 ) and it was already packed.

We paid the $15.00 for Alex to get an unlimited wrist band and went on our way.
  It was really nice to see the school and adventure around it all.  We really got to check it out and I am excited for Alex to go there.  The school is maybe 3 or 4 years old and it wonderful. 

They had games set up all over on both levels of the school.  
All together I think Alex played about 15 games and she loved all of them. 

She also played a dice game, beanbag game, cake walk . . . 

After some games we headed into the gym and let the girls go wild on the bouncy houses.  They had 4 different types of bouncy houses set up and the girls went in all of them.  Alex loves to play in these types of things and she could have spent all night there.

We met up with her friend Keylee.  After the bounce house we played a few games with her before we went to get some food.  We had hot dogs and chips and before we left to come home Alex got a big bag of Blue Cotton Candy.

We where there from about 5:45 until 7:45 and we all had so much fun.  I love doing these types of things with Alex and I love being able to include her grandma in some of these fun things.  These are the types of memories I don't ever want to forget. 


Erica said...

What a little diva, I love her outfit. Hard to believe you're thinking of KINDERGARTEN already!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Glad you all had a special time.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Cute pictures! It looks like she had fun!

Sharstin said...

oh so cute! looks like a blast~ loving those cute boots:)