Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Scene On A Saturday

Today is Laundry Day and let me tell you we have put it off for WAY TO LONG!

Laundry List 

4 Baskets Full - Girls Clothes, Underwear/Sleepwear, Darks and Whites

= 9 Loads of Laundry Once All Broken Down

We won't stop there on a Saturday at home. 

Dishwasher will run twice today, counter tops will be washed and wiped more then once, all floors will be vacuumed and the kitchen floor will be swept and vacuumed.

 Normally I would not show you all my house as a mess and the crazyness of laundry that is needed to be done but my good friend Katie over at Loves Of Life is doing a Saturday Scene and I thought I needed to show you all my scene just so that I will get it ALL DONE and PUT AWAY!  You all will hold me accountable right!

Just head on over to to Katie blog and link up!
I will come check out your Scene!


LucieP said...

can I just steal this post for my own cuz I have all that to do!!!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Love this!!!

Annie said...

Looks like my laundry room today!!
3 loads down....4-5 to go!!

Unknown said...

That's about how much laundry I have haha.

Verna said...

Just reading and seeing everything you were going to do today, made and makes me tierd.

But knowing you, you probably got it all done and still had time to spare. :)Smiling.....

Candice said...

Get to work, girlfriend!! ;P