Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weight Watchers Week 1

Last week when I wrote the post WHEN, I had no idea that that week I would embark on a new beginning.  I did not think that I would start Weight Watchers that week and start to completely change everything I eat. 

I got a wonderful email from my mom, I got wonderful comments from blogger friends and I knew that with the support from my mom, my good friend Annie and my new friend Katie as well as some other blogger friends who are also on Weight Watchers that could help me, give me advice and support me.  I slowly learned that a lot more people that I know of are on Weight Watchers and that alone made me feel confident that I could do this. 
Before I signed up for Weight Watchers I sat down and took note of the things I knew that I had to change right away to make a difference in my weight.  There are so many things I do wrong when it comes to eating healthy and very little things I do right. 

To Change : cut back or eliminate chips, cut back or eliminate sweets, cut back on pop,
change bread and pasta types, cut back on portion size, eat more fruits and veggies, drink more water, change what I snack on as well as cut back on snacking throughout the day.

Doing that right there I knew that I would be able to loose weight pretty fast if I changed just a few of things things.  You see I used to drink 4/5 cans of pop a day ( not all diet ), eat at least a bag of chips a week and always eat sweets ( like always make them and eat so much of the dough ).

So I officially signed up for Weight Watchers Online on Sunday March 13th.

I made those changes above right away. 
I cut out all chips ( well I have had maybe 20 chips ), I have cut down to 1/2 cans a pop a day ( most days 1 can ), I have been drinking over 40oz of water a day and I have tried to cut out all sweets ( with a few tiny slip ups here and there ). 

Points Per Day : 29
Extra Points Per Week : 49

I have been sticking to my 29 points per day and have gone over 1 day so far. 

Some of the little things that I have done : Changed the type of yogurt I eat ( yoplait to danon ), switched breads a few different times ( went from 3 points per slice to 2 points ), found a real fruit strip from Target that I love to snack on that is worth only 1 point.

So over all this week has been easier then I thought but that doesn't mean that it is easy. 
This week I mainly just cut back on those things that I knew would make a difference. 
I actually have not missed the things that I have cut out that much at all. 

The things I need to work on : finding healthy meals for dinner, finding ways to eat more
fruits and vegetables, find ways to fight my temptations and get out and exercise more ( which will come with the nice weather ).

I can do this, share my weight with the world, don't judge

Weigh In : March 13th 2011 - 163.4 lbs 

Weigh In : March 20th 2011 - 159.6 lbs 

Weigh In : March 27th 2011 - 156.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss : -7 lbs

Goal Weight : > 130 lbs

Overall : I dont feel like I have lost any weight and my plan is to start measuring my different body parts so that I can tell where the weight is coming off. I am happy with the loss of weight and hope that I can continue to loose each week. 
Hopes : my boobs shrink, my stomach and thighs shrink and my face gets skinner. 

Goals For The Week : Exercise more, Eat More Vegetables and Fruit, Measure Body Parts.

Will gladly take any tips or advice that you may have!


Katie said...

That is awesome! Congrats on your weight loss so far! After reading your post, it has inspired me to want to make the necessary changes in my life that I *know* that I need to make. Keep up the amazing work!

Candice said...

You go girl!!

Katrina said...

Awesome!! I love Weight Watchers. I have a couple of cook books based around this diet so if you're ever looking for an idea for a meal then definitely e-mail me!

nicole said...

That's so awesome that you already lost 7lbs. I'm sure the rest of your family will benefit from all the fruits and vegetables too!

Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! Keep up the good work! You have motivated me ;)

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

Wow that is great. Reading this inspires me to get up & do something about my weight also. You are doing great!

Kala said...

That's awesome Erin! I have done weight watchers in the past & love how it shows you portion control, like how much of which types of foods are ok. It can be hard to always measure everything & keep up with writing it all down. But congrats on your progress!

Annie said...

ERIN!!! You are doing awesome!! I am SO proud of you. You are kicking my butt in the weight loss dept! I need some of your motivation to rub off on me :)
I actually gained .4 this past week. Hoping to be down 1 or 2 when I weigh in this Wednesday. Thanks for posting are in insiration...and you are doing GREAT!! We can do this :)

Ashley said...

You go girlie! Great job!!!

Lyr said...

You go girl!!! i believe in you!!!!

Jessica said...

Look at how much you have already lost! Good job girl!

Ashley said...

down 7lbs? that's awesome! I hope I can do as well,my first weigh-in is next Friday-eeeek!
And, I need to get in on these fruit snacks everyone is talking about.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Congrats on your weight loss so far!

Paige said...

I've been slacking about commenting lately and I'm so very sorry. This is such a wonderful thing that you're doing. Big kuddos to you for your weight loss. I can only imagine how hard it is because I for one LOVE food. It is wonderful to see bloggers come together and support each other like you and these other ladies are doing! =) So sweet!

Anna said...

You go girl! I am also thinking about signing up again for WW Online. We could do it together. :)