Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome Back Winter

So yesterday and the day before it rained off and on all day.  Then last night it started to turn to ice so it was raining ice and then it slowly turned over to snow.  When we woke up this morning we had over 6 inches of snow on top of ice covered roads.  I don't work on wed. right now so I had to be no where today so the husband took my car with 4 wheel drive.  I am glad he was able to because reading all the facebook status people where complaining about the roads all morning.  What really tells me that the roads are bad is that Elk River School System closed schools today and that ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS. 

  Our grill covered in snow again and our neighbors house with a big drift hanging over there window

It really set in on just how icy it was when the garbage man came through and got stuck in our circle.  We have a small hill going down our circle and he got stuck.  He tried for about 15 minutes and then our neighbor Jon headed out to help him, soon after our neighbor Tim also joined to help.

Took about another 15 minutes and he finally made it up the hill.  He gave a nice little honk saying THANK YOU for the help.  It is so nice to have neighbors that are so willing to help, not only with the garbage man but with just about anything we have needed. 

The girls spent the 30 minutes watching the guys help the garbage man get out.  After he broke free Alex got her stuff on and headed out to play with the neighbor kids, they where all home and out because of NO SCHOOL!.

It wasn't but 20 minutes later that the recycle man came by and also got stuck!  He had sand and ice melting stuff so he wasn't stuck for to long but he got stuck in 2 different places. 

I headed out once I got Avin down for her morning nap and shoveled a tiny section of the driveway.  There is a ton of snow out there and it is super heavy and windy.  I spent about 45 minutes out there and I didn't even get half the driveway done.  My arms and legs where tired and shaking by the time I came back inside but the burn sure does feel nice. 

I am so sick of the snow.  I love snow and I think it is pretty but I am ready to spend hours a day outside and playing with my girls.  I am ready to get a routine in with taking walks and going on bike rides.  I am ready for the spring weather.

I want to say thank you for the advice on my post about my weight.  I have started weight watchers online and I am loving it ( except for when I crave bad things ).  I am loving changing things and working on different things.  I have made a few big changes in what I eat and I think it is helping.  Friday will be a week so I will try and do weekly posts.  


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

You can keep the snow! I hope that was it for the winter for you!

Paige said...

I hope spring visits you again soon!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't want snow, but it has been 80 here this week. I feel like it's too hot already!

Jessica said...

Wow I can't believe y'all are getting snow!! I can't imagine! It's been so warm here.

Annie said...

How depressing....I feel your pain girlfriend!!