Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4 years ago today

Today Alex Turns 4
Happy Birthday Little Lady!

 It is hard to believe that she is now 4 years old but yet when I look at her she has grown and turned into this amazing little lady. 

She has such a spunky and sassy personality.

She is so outgoing and will make friends with anyone.

She is an outdoor girl, whether it be : bike riding, playing in the dirt, swimming, playing chalk, taking walks, swinging, helping dad out in the yard or just hanging out. 

She will always keep you on your toes and is almost always up to something.

She loves movies and tv, her favorites being : Fresh Beat Band, Sid The Science Kid, Dino Dan, Backyardigians, The Cat In The Hat, Curious George and more. 

She is an artsy girl and loves to color and paint.

She is in dance and just started gymnastics and she loves them both. 

My favorite things about being Alex Mommy . . 

Watching her bond with her sister

Watching her in dance and gymnastics

Listening to her tell stories 

Listening to her sign along to songs in the car

When she tells me I am the best and that she loves me

Getting a goodnight kiss every night 

How she asks what we are doing tomorrow & who will be here in the morning every night

Watching her accomplish things on her own

Over the past year Alex has made some huge changes but the biggest and best change that has happened over the past year is that Alex now sleeps in her own bed, puts herself to sleep and does not need anyone to lay with her at bedtime.  This is huge for us and it makes night time so much easier. 

Alex is wearing size 4t clothing.
Almost everything she wears now is 4t ( we just switched to 4t jeans but her shorts
and capris will still be 3t with a few 2t/4t mixed in there )

She is wearing size 9/10 for shoes

She is weighing around 35 pounds and is around 39 inches tall.

Dear Alex :

Four years ago we welcomed you into this world and it has been such an amazing journey to be your mommy.  I have adored watching you grow these past four years and seeing the little lady that you are turning into.  Your personality is truly starting to bloom and you are spunky, entertaining and the sweetest little girl ever.  You have changed our lives over these past 4 years ( for the better ) and you are loved and adored by so many people.

There are times where I can't believe that you are turning 4 today but just watching you at dance and gymnastics, watching your bonds with your friends and the conversations you hold makes it feel like you are older then 4.  Even though most moms don't want to see there little girls get older I can honestly say I am excited to watch you grow and even more excited to see the paths you choose.  

I have loved every year with you and every year gets better ( sometimes tough but better ). It is amazing to be your mommy, I am lucky that I was chosen to raise you and bring you up in this crazy world.

I love that today we get to celebrate you.
I love that you are so excited for your birthday.
I love that we are able to celebrate today with a few of your friends and family.
I love that you have dance today and you have chosen to bring ring pops for your friends.

Most of all though I Love You!

I hope you have a wonderful 4th birthday!
I hope you get everything you wished for!
I can not wait to celebrate today and I can not wait to have lots of family and friends over on Saturday to celebrate your Birthday Olivia Style! 

Happy Birthday Alex!

Love Mommy 


Lucy Marie said...

Happy birthday Alex. She looks like such a beautiful, grown up girl in these photos.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy Birthday, pretty girl!!! I hope she's having a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos! She is so beautiful! Happy Birthday, Alex! (I can't believe my Alex at 2 years weighs more than your Alex at 4 yrs and wears the same size clothes!)

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Alex! She is absolutely adoreable and I love all of the pics!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alex!! Hope her day is so special!

Annie said...

what a perfect, beautiful little girl!! happy b-day sweet Alex!!

The Bignon Family said...

Happy birthday to your precious little girl!