Friday, April 1, 2011

Children's Museum

On Thursday the kids I nanny did not have school because it was the start of Spring Break so my mom came over and we decided to take the kids to the Children's Museum.  I was super excited because we have only been there once before and everyone loved it. Thursday was no different, we got there around 10:30am and left around 1:30pm.  The kids where all tired and everyone had a blast. 

When you first walk in to get your tickets they always have an employee out there with something fun for the kids to try.  Something interactive to get the kids excited and interested for what is to come.

 The Children's Museum is broken down into 5 floors and each floor has between 1 and 5 different rooms/areas to explore with different themes.  It works out nice because we can do 1 floor and 1 room at a time and not worry about loosing any kids.

We always start on the 5th floor.  This is the floor with only one room and it has a few live animals and has different things that deal with animals.  During the day they also bring out some of the live animals and do story time.

 The 4th floor room 1 was Coles ( the oldest boy ) favorite floor.  It has a giant ant farm ( where you can pretend you are an ant and run around ), a river you can kind of play in, big logs you can crawl in, a wood chuck nest you can play in.  Basically the kids just run and run and run around in all these different places.

After that room we headed to the new Lego Exhibit.  I wasn't that impressed with this exhibit but the kids enjoyed playing with the Legos and running around the Lego Castle that was built.

 Note my childs eyes in the 1st group picture. Yeah she is all SASS!

We then headed to the 3rd floor and this is the busiest floor. There is 4 different rooms and stuff happen out in the main part of the floor.  This is the floor where the kids paint there own faces, play grocery, play in water, learn about camping and the olden days, learn how to make paper and much more.

The kids love to paint their faces.  I always love seeing what they all come up with and how much or what colors they choose to use. My mom helped Avin paint her face a little. 
After that we went into the Camping / Old Days. 

 After that we headed to the next room on the same floor.  The kids got to make paper, play with tons of water, blow bubbles and much more.  This was by far my favorite room.  I loved watching the kids play with all the different water activities and enjoy themselves.

Avin loved playing in the water. 

 Boat Races.

After that room we went to this small room in which they got to decorate the Big Box Castle.  Each of the kids got to put there own touches on the castle. 

After that we had a little snack and then headed into the last room.  This room is filled with things like a grocery store, a big kitchen, a mail room, a big city bus and more.  The kids love this room and spend most the time in the grocery store.

 After we completed the Children's Museum we went to the food area and some of the kids had McDonald's and some had Subway.

 We all had a great time :) 


Candice said...

Looks like fun!! LOve the face painting pics. <3

Annie said...

How fun! They are just now building a childrens museum in our town and I am so excited for it to open!

I love Avins headband!! I think Livi needs one :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Super cute pictures! It looks like they all had fun!

Sharstin said...

looks like so much fun! darling picts~