Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crazy Love

Avin has the craziest little personality. 

She can be so sweet and loving, she laughs at herself, she knows how to throw a fit, she knows the meaning of no but does things anyways, when you tell her its bath time she climbs up 
the stairs to her bathroom, she is always making a mess, when she is done eating
she throws her food on the ground, she helps you put her clothes / coats 
on ( I always say arm in ), she loves watching animals, if someone 
is outside she thinks she needs to be as well. 

She is just now finally starting to figure out how to go down the stairs. This worries me a little 
because she does fine withe going backwards on the first stair but then wants to turn around 
and go forward for the rest of the stairs.  We are not a baby gate familyand so the stairs are 
just open for her to be at.  We never used gates withAlex either and it has worked perfect
for our family. She is slowly learning and when she walks to the end of our driveway 
gets on her stomach and slides down the curb.  Today at the indoor park she practied
going up and down things over and over again.  She loves that she can now get on
and off of things by herself without having to wait for someone to help her.

I swear last night she found her voice at dinner time.
She was in her high chair just screaming away 
driving us all insane.She thought it was so 
much fun to scream and hear the high 
pitches of her voice. I was not a 
fan of it that is for sure.

Little Miss because more and more independent as the days go on.
She is starting to do more and more by herself and needing us 
a little less each day.  

I will say that I have enjoyed watching her at every step a little more then Alex. With the first baby 
you want them to stay small and not grow so fast.  But with Avin it was been so much fun 
watching her change into a little toddler and watching her actually be able to play with
her sister and other kids.  Every age and every stage gets better and better!


Annie said...

What a doll!! She is so sweet Erin!!!

Kelly said...

Great pics! Kenzie is the same way, her personality is really starting to come out lately!

Jessica said...

Man she is getting so big!! She sounds so much like Averly! Averly is such a little dare devil. She tries to do everything she sees Riley do.

I think I've told you before, but I LOVE that Jenny Lind high chair!!

TAG's new job is with Maintenance Engineering. He will be selling industrial lighting to businesses. So if you know any business owners that need some light bulbs, let me know! Haha! He will be flying up to Fargo soon for some training. Is that anywhere near you?

Gina said...

She really is a cutie. Great pics.

Erica said...

I haven't been reading blogs for the last week or so, and I feel like she looks so much older than I remember!

Katie said...

Sweet pictures. That's funny she seemed to find her voice at dinnertime. Colson does the same thing! It's funny because we can't even talk he gets to loud. ; )

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

She is so cute!