Friday, April 29, 2011

A Few Games

When planning Alex party I knew I wanted to have a few games for the kids to play.  I think we had a total of around 16 kids there and then a ton of adults. I was worried about the weather but every year so far we have been super lucky and it has been nice enough for the kids to spend almost the entire time outside.  

I searched everywhere to find a way that I could blow up Olvia.  Like make her large around to play Pin the tail on the pig or something along those lines.  Kinkos wouldn't help me because of copy right, I can not draw for the life of me but I posted on facebook a few times to get no answers.   So I quickly decided to do a pinata because well kids love to hit things and they love candy so I knew that would be a hit. 

( a group shot of some of the kids - missing a bunch of them )

After coming up with the Pinata in which I wrapped in red because I hated all the funky colors of it I decided to post on facebook one more time to see if ANYONE out there could help me out.  Chads cousins wife Jennifer finally said, "what do you need drawn".  I didn't even know she could draw but she told me she would test it out and see if she thought she could do it. 

She sent me a rough draft and I just about cried.  I was so freaking excited and when it finally showed up at my house, when the in laws brought it I was so excited and it was PERFECT!

Here she is . . . . .

We played pin the nose on the pig.
Jen made 15 different colored noses and OLIVIA is magnetic!
Doesn't she look amazing.

The best friends / neighbors waiting to play the game!

The winner ( mya ) got a ring pop.
I didn't have anything planned, need to remember to have 
a treat or a prize for the winner next time!

 A few of the guests sitting around watching all the kids play both games.

The kids really enjoyed the games.  I am glad we had two games for the kids to play and it is always nice to have some bigger kids there to help break open the Pinata.

More pictures to come from gift opening and blowing out the candles.

Happy 4th Birthday Alexandra!


Sharstin said...

Everything looks adorable, what fun games too!! Happy bday to lil miss a!! Happy weekend

Nicole said...

hey! just came across your blog - love it! adorable family. :)

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

That game is to cute, she did great! Looks like fun.

Kelly said...

What great games! I love that Olivia board. What a smart idea =)

Paige said...

What adorable games! I love that Olivia board!!!