Monday, April 11, 2011


Alex started Gymnastics last Monday and will continue to go on Mondays for the entire summer and longer if she enjoys it.  She has been in a little kid gymnastics before with my mom and for some reason wanted to stop but is now back at an actual Gymnastics Gym where things are a little more structured and she is actually learning each area of Gymnastics.

Alex friend Mya is also in Gymnastics with her.  
They are in both Dance and Gymnastics together as well as swimming lessons. 
They both love going to these things together knowing they will know someone there and have a great time.  It is nice to have them together now because when they get older one of them will excel at one thing and the other will excel at another so they may not always get to be on the same teams.

Log Roll / Backward Summer Salt / Balance Beam

Cartwheel ( in steps )
I have been teaching Alex how to do cartwheels for a long time now.  
She loves it and is always doing them all over the house.

Alex loves putting the chalk on her hands

So far Alex favorites are Beam and Bars.
She also loved when they got to all be on the Tramp and formed a circle at the 
end of class and the teachers bounced them around. 

Watching my daughter do things like Dance and Gymnastics make me so proud of her.  
I love and enjoy watching her learn new things, take direction from teachers, meet new little girls/boys and just over all enjoy herself.  I love it when she does something and she is proud of herself for doing that task, puts a huge smile on my face. 

I am super excited for her to be in Gymnastics this summer and I sure how she loves it! 


Katrina said...

So much fun!! She is so adorable. :) Gymnastics was my FAVE growing up.

Anna said...

Awesome! I really need to put Ally in something. She wants to do soccer.

Anonymous said...

Aww, she looks like she loves it! I loved gymnastics when I was a kid too!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

So cute! I bet she loves it!