Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nick Universe

Last Tuesday we took the kids to the Mall Of America to go on some rides.  
The boys had spring break so we got to spend the entire day there.  

We went on rides, played at Lego Land ( which they re did ) and had lunch. 
Tuesday is the best day to hit up the MOA because it is Toddler Tuesday and the price 
for tickets is a lot cheaper them normal days. 

The kids love riding on the rides.
There are some the girls can't ride on without a parent and there was one that 
Sophie couldn't go on at all because she was not tall enough but other then that they have a great time.

Avin gets to go on a few rides but more then anything she just enjoys
watching the kids and walking all over the place.

Both my mom and I take turns on going on the rides with the kids. 
One of us usually has to ride with the girls and sometimes one of us can go with all of them. 

This was the first time the 3 oldest kids went on the bumper cars.
They enjoyed it even though most the time they where all stuck together in a clump. 

The boys went on a Shooting ride by themselves and loved it! 

After rides we went up for lunch and after lunch we went back down to the
arcade and the kids got to play a few games and win tickets.

Overall we had a great day and everyone got to go on lots of rides and get lots of energy out.


Unknown said...

I seriously need a mall that cool around me!

Annie said...

How fun...looks like you guys had a blast!

Candice said...

Wow, that looks like fun. An indoor carnival. Lucky kids!!

Raven said...

cute pictures! Wish we had something like that around here. Sadly, closest we have is a McDonalds playland.

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! These pictures are so cute. Have a great weekend!!

Becca said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Your family is adorable!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Mall of America. It looks soooo fun!