Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Scene On A Saturday

Ok I lie, I lie . .  
This was the scene yesterday!

We had a horrible nights sleep last night and Alex just woke up and Avin is still sleeping.  So I am cheating a little and going to use 2 pictures from yesterday. 

Hope you don't mind!

Yesterday my big project was to tackle the pantry.
So many things needed to be trashed and it really need to be reorganized. 

All of that came from inside our pantry. YIKES!

Alex helped me take everything out but her help didn't last to long.  She was more interested in what was coming out of there and what she could eat instead of helping her mom. 


I only did the 1st 3 rows and what was on the ground.  
The top 2 rows will have to be for another day!

I think I threw away about 15 boxes of things.
I gained about 6 box tops for the neighborhood school!

I threw away maybe 2 bags of chips, 4 boxes of cereal, some pasta ( now we have switched 
to healthier pasta ), some old granola bars, some cream of wheat and more. 

Some of the new things that I have bought sense starting weight watchers.  

1. Barilla Plus Pasta
2. Wonton and Tortilla Strips ( I add to salads )
3. Tortilla Shells ( which I am not a fan of so any yummy tasty healthy ones ? )
4. Real Fruit Strips 
5. Popcorn 

Feels so good to have a clean and partly empty pantry!

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Every once in a while I have to do a pantry raid too and its kind of amazing (and sad) at how much I throw out!

I add tortilla strips to my taco salads, too!

Annie said...

Good for your girl....I am proud of you! I need to do this too!!

Sorry that you had another rough night :( did we!! ha

Kara said...

Wow! Can you come to my house next! :) My pantry needs to be cleaned out so bad, it's ridiculous.

Happy Saturday!!

HC said...

Congrats on getting so much clean! Now I feel like i have to clean my pantry...

Raven said...

Doesn't it feel SO good when we get things cleaned out like that? I swear, I am much happier about my life when I have a clean house :)

Kar said...

LOOK at your cute girls!!

It must feel great to have an organized pantry! I've always wanted one :) I KNOW I would pack it FULLL of things and forget about them though! haha

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm impressed! Way to go!