Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This one will be all about my girls and the things I am lusting for them to have!  There are so many cute things out there for girls and I adore dressing my girls up.  Here are a few of my 
favorite things at a few of my favorite places.

 I have been on the search for cute matching comfy outfits for the girls.  
I am loving this one but not a huge fan that it is white. 

Love love love the two dresses above for Alex. 
I really love the first one and would love it in every color.

 Some shorts and a romper that I am loving.
I adore gaps shorts and jeans.  These two are super cute and stylish!

Alex is in need of simple plain tops.
She really needs some whites, pinks, blues and purple tops.

Some Things For Avin

Love those tank tops.

Love one piece outfits.
Avin doesn't have anything like these right now but I think they are so cute!

Love that two piece outfit and the purple dress.

Everything is from Baby Gap.
I could go search for more things but Baby Gap is always my go to place!

Alex is in need to new pajamas. 
I usually get her pajamas on Black Friday at Carters but this year I did not get any.  I will also get a bunch from Children's Place and really need to find out when they are having another sale.

All of hers are being to small and are starting to get holes in them.  I hate spending a ton of money on pajamas even though they are they items she wears the most. These above are from Old Navy and are not to badly priced even though I think $15 dollars is a little insane.

 I don't normally love Children's Place but I just happened to check the site and found these super cute tops and that super super cute swim suit.  I am thinking Alex is going to need that suit.  I still have a gift card for Children's Place from Christmas!

I am totally going to snatch these up for the 4th of JULY!  Umm are they not super cute or what.  Loving the little red flower on the right dress for Alex.  Thinking I can have my dear bloggy friend Katie whip up some super cute headbands to match that little red flower! 

I am really head over heels for this bad boy. Hoping to order him soon for my girls, maybe more for me.  Can't wait to put my blades on and take them out for a spin.  Super excited to actually have a jogger stroller.  Thank you garage sale for making me some money!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Have fun shopping! I bought all of the kids summer clothes already, but I do have to buy some pajamas. Lexie is so easy to shop for in the summer-dresses are all she wants to wear!

Ashley said...

I LOVE the blue and white dresses! They would be so good for the 4th of July! Great LOVES ;)

Chelley N said...

Little girls' clothes are SO adorable. I love dressing my littlle one up as well :-)

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, those little one piece outfits are A.DOR.ABLE! Everything else is too actually...wouldn't it be nice to stubble into a hole of money or something like that!? :)

Joeylee said...

loving all the clothes! the 4th of july dress is so adorable!!!

Sharstin said...

such great stuff! loving that little b/w romper, and the one pieces! Z's dress is that blue and white one from children's place! it fits really cute:)

Kit said...

Great things you are loving today! Hope you had a great Wednesday!

Elizabeth said...

Girls clothes are so cute!! I love all those outfits.

Paige said...

i l.o.v.e them all!