Monday, May 9, 2011

15 Months

Today marks 15 months of Avins sweet life. 

She came into this world a month and a half early and I have to continue to remind myself of just how lucky we are to have her here with us today.  We came close to loosing her in the beginning of my pregnancy had issues throughout my entire pregnancy and where amazed that she came into this world breathing on her own, holding her on temperature and basically just being a tiny little rock star ( as her nicu nurses called her ).

The she walks, the things she does, how early she started to do things you would never guess she was premature.  The only thing that leads you to believe she was early or that she is 3 or 4 months younger then she actually is, is her size.  She is : tiny, petite, small, thin . .  all those words describe her.

But my tiny petite little girl has a GIANT personality. 
She is heard, seen and loved by so many.

She is fearless, energetic, non stop moving, loud, throws an amazing tantrum, in love with her big sister, loves to see pictures of herself, always eating, finally a good sleeping toddler in a babies body. 

She still has only two teeth on the bottom.
Doctor says her 4 top teeth are coming in and will poke through any day.

She is in size 6 - 12 month clothing.
She needs the pants that can adjust on the inside or they are always falling off.

She is in size 3 diapers.
I always have my kids diapers a little big.

She is a lover for bananas, marshmallows, yogurt covered raisins, peanut butter toast,
mac and cheese, milk and more.

She climbs up and down the stairs now. She can get on and off our beds / couches.
We got away with using no baby gates again!

She loves to be outside.  
When you say outside she goes and gets her shoes.  If you go outside you better take her or she will throw a nice little tantrum.  She could live outside just like her sister.  She walks around, plays with chalk, rides on her 4 wheeler, sits in her sisters jeep, jumps on the trampoline, swings and does just about anything else.

She can say mama, dada, papa, banana ( nana ) 
and is learning to say bath time, ball, outside and more.

She is ALWAYS a mess and thankfully she loves Bath Time. 


Height : 29 1/2 - 10-25%
Weight : 16 lbs 9.5 oz - ( - 3% )
Head : 46 1/4 - 50%

Going into the doctor I was worried about Avin talking and teeth. Avin only says 4 words and is slowly learning new words.  The doctor said that was normally and that there was nothing to be worried about.  She also said that the later babies get teeth in the better and she told me that her top 4 teeth would pop through any day.  

I did however leave worried about her weight.  
She is in the - 3 % and didn't even gain a half a pound in the last 3 months. 
My daughter eats and she eats a lot and a lot of it is not healthy for her but she also walks and is always on the go and has been walking for the past 5 months.  She is a super active 15 month old and she is just really small.  She however does not look to skinny or only bones.  She has a little fat to her.  She is just a petite little 15 month old that we now have to try and bulk up before her 18 month appointment or we might have to see a dietician. 

It is just so hard to be worried when she looks healthy and perfect to me. 
She came into this world at less then 4 pounds and we just think she will always be small.  
We know that she is not scared to eat.  We know that she eats almost anything you put in front of her.  We know that she loves food and is getting enough food.  So there for I am just not that worried about it but am hoping for the best at her next appointment. 

Happy 15 Months Sweet Girl!


onecraftalicousmomma said...

Honey dont worry about her weight. My daughter is 3(4in june) and everyone always thinks she is 2, because she is so petite, she is also in the 3rd percitile,and she only ways 26lbs,and is barely 3ft, Which she should be 37in and 35lbs but she is following her own little growth pattern. I wouldnt worry about her unless she isnt following her own growth pattern.
I used to worry about it all the time when she was smaller, but then I realized that is just who she is, and Im not gonna worry myself and give her a complex thinkin she is to "small". It really hurts her feelings now when random people say "wow she is so little" she always tells me momma im not little Im a big girl!..... anyways I just wanted you to know that its normal for kids to be smaller and that its nothing to worry about unless she stops gaining at all or starts loosing weight, as long as she is eating and looks healthy to you, she is fine!
Happy day and good luck!

Lyryn said...


Annie said...

Awwww she is just a tiny little rock star!! What a doll. Erin, your girls are SOOO beautiful! Just like their mama!! xo

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I can't believe she's already 15 months!
I honestly wouldn't even worry about the weight. Her weight in comparison to her height seems right! She looks perfectly healthy and adorable to me.
(And trust me, it took me a long time to be able to stop worrying...Dylan was always above the 97th percentile or 100th percentile for height and below the 5th for weight! He was 5 weeks early, too.)