Friday, May 20, 2011

Before A Shoot

When I have an indoor shoot coming to our house I always set up a 
few hours before and get everything ready.  

Alex always helps me spray down the sheet to get the wrinkles out.
Avin usually just walks all over the sheet.

About a half hour before my shoot I put my girls or one of them
on the sheet and take a few test pictures to see what the 
lighting is going to be like for my photo shoot.

We always seem to do the same set up and the girls love to be involved.  
If they weren't helping they would just be in the way!


Kelly said...

ADORABLE! I love Avin's outfit! They are always so photogenic!

Sharstin said...

ah you got some great shots! your girlies are to cute!

Anonymous said...

There are some super cute ones of Avin!

Annie said...

LOOOOOOOVE Avins outfit....the leggings!! too cute!