Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dance '11

When I found out I was having a girl I was super excited.  
You have dreams for your children and you try and direct them in
the direction you want them to go.

It might not be what some of you think about but I get excited about the idea of my little girls in sports.
I get excited thinking about her dancing and up on the big stage. I get excited about her crossing the balance bean and learning how to do a kip on the bars.  I get excited when she passes the swim level she has just taken and I got really excited when I realized that next summer she can attend a cheer camp and then when she is 7 she can start volleyball. 

Though I would never force her to stay in things that she does not like I will push her to stay in sports.  I will keep putting her in different sports and I will teach/coach/direct her to be the best at that sport that she can be.  I think it is important for a child her age to try different sports.  Heck I think it is important for them to be in as many sports as they can and will do. 

 ( Alex and Mya getting Ttophy last week at dance class.  They where both so excited and Alex still tells me how much she loves her trophy )

She loves dance, gymnastics and swimming lessons.
Don't get me wrong there have been times where she doesn't want to go.  There has been a few times where she wont go into dance class or says she doesn't like gymnastics.  There has even been a time where I had to take her home kicking and screaming or that I had to force her to go back into dance class.  

Like I said before I would never force her to do something she hates but I will not let her quit and I will not put up with screaming and crying.  If I pay money for something then she will finish it out. So far we have been lucky and she has loved both dance, gymnastics and swimming lessons.

I think you know when something is meant to be and not to be.  I think you know in the first few classes or the first two if your child is going to like or hate the sport.  They won't love it every time they go but if they love it more then they say they hate it then I think it is important to keep them in it.

I have not enjoyed anything more then watching my daughter last night on the "BIG STAGE" at her dance rehearsal.  She is 4 years old and we have been doing dance for almost a year now but I had no idea what to expect out of her.  With out a teacher up front doing EVERY SINGLE DANCE MOVE so that she has someone to look at.  She had to do it on her own and let me tell you SHE DID IT! I could not believe how much of the dance she did and how well she did it.

I even got a few little tears in my eyes watching my first born up on this BIG STAGE like a big girl performing her two dances and the finale.  She made me so proud and I was just in awe trying to snap pictures and watch her do her moves.

I was so worried that all these people bought tickets to come and see her dance at her recital in two weekends.  I was so worried she might just stand there and do nothing or run off the stage crying.  I was worried that she just wouldn't do or know her dance but man did she prove this MAMA WRONG!

Dear Alex :

I just want you to know that I am so proud of you.  It has been so much fun watching you this first year of dance.  You have come so far and learned so much.  We have had tears of not wanting to be in dance and exciting times of you telling me how much you love dance.  Watching you last night on the big stage just got me excited for the many more years to come of you being in sports and how much your dad and I will enjoy watching you find that one or two sports that you just love.  I can not wait for your big recital and I know that everyone will be so proud of you.

Love you big girl, you sure make this mama proud!

Mommy . . .

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Annie said...

What a pretty little dancer!! I cant wait until Livi can dance!!