Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pure Crazy

Avin is CrAzY!
 Her personality is over the top : she seems to be a little dramatic and extra loud. 

She is a tantrum throwing 1 year old.
She is mastering the facial expressions that come with throwing a tantrum.

She has recently learned how to drink from a straw.
She is now drinking whole milk so we can fatten her up.

She is a blanket lover.
She loves to carry a blanket around and she will carry it up close to one side of her head.
Her blankets don't have taggies on them so she is not a taggy lover like her big sister.

If you tell her to go Night Night she will lay down
where ever she is and rest her head on the ground, couch or anywhere.

She is always playing with, tugging on or touching her ears.
If she is getting sleepy or in her crib she is always messing with her ears.
We think it soothes / helps relax her for bed time.

But it isn't only around those times that she is touching her ears.
She is always tugging on them.

 She is an outdoor girl.
If you say outside she will find her shoes and go to one of the doors in our house.

She absolutely loves to be playing outside.
She loves her sisters jeep and will play in it for hours. 
She loves to swing, play in the sandbox and swing.

She has become a great sleeper.
Though it took her an entire year to consistently sleep through 
the night she finally is doing so and we love it.

She is so easy to put to bed.  We made our mistakes with Alex and Avin now falls 
asleep on her own in her own crib or a pack n play for nap and bed time.

She is almost always asleep between 8:15 and 8:45 pm.

The things she does . . 
patty cake, so big, claps hands, high five, gives kisses, dances . .

The things she says  . . . 
mama, dada, baba ( papa ), grandma, ball, bath time, outside, nuni, yeah . . 

She is wearing these sizes . . 
3 diapers, 2 - 4 shoes, 6 - 12 month clothing

If I had to predict . . . 
Avin will be more girly . . .
Avin will bring more drama to our family. . .
Avin will be more vocal and a little hard to deal with . . 

It sure will be fun to see what she really grows up to be like 
and where her little personality will take her.

She sure is a little thing with a loud personality.
and I wouldn't have it any other way.

15 months 7 days . .


Sharstin said...

Loving your new blog look:) she is so darling, it is fun to see their little personalities come out:(

The Mama said...

She's a cutie!

Candice said...

What a super sweet post!

Lyryn said...

Love her!