Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sports in General


When I think about children a big thing that comes to mind is sports. I think that EVERY SINGLE CHILD should play a sport.  I think that each child should try multiple sports while they are young or until they find the IT SPORT ( this could include band or drama ).

 I come from a sports family and practically grew up in a Hockey Arena watching my brother play hockey ( in which I would have had it no other way ).  I was also at a baseball field watching him play ball.  Some of my best memories are watching my brother play sports, especially when he played Varsity Hockey.  I don't think I have ever told my brother that but he sure made me proud, he was great at hockey and I loved watching him play.   I look up to my brother in so many ways and I sure hope that if he has a son he follows in a lot of his foot steps.

But I also played sports, I remember playing softball ( though I hated it, I finished out the season ) and being in dance and gymnastics as a kid.  I loved playing volleyball and played it for many years ( this is one sport I can not wait for Alex to play and we have already been teaching her how to bump ). I played on a Junior Olympic team and loved it when we had all day tournaments.  I was also a cheerleader, though I only carried pom poms for one season.  I was on a competition cheer squad, well two squads. I cheered for a team called Minnesota All Stars in which one year I was on a coed team and then I cheered for my High Schools Comp Squad my Senior Year.

With cheerleading I found myself in the news paper on multiple occasions and I traveled to many different states for competitions.  I even performed in the Mall Of America as well as on the Indiana Jones Set at Disney World.


My best memories from middle school - high school where being involved in sports.  I met the best friends because of these sports.  I personally think I stayed out of trouble because of these sports.  The gratification you can feel from a sport and how proud you can be of yourself because of a sport are amazing.

This is a huge reason that I think sports are so important.  I think that especially in High School sports teams have rules and rules that involved no drinking or you will be suspended from games.  Rules like no drugs or you will be kicked off of the team.  These rules are what helped me to determine what was important : drinking & drugs or being involved in a sport that I loved.

I will not say that I never drank in high school but honestly I didn't start drinking until my junior year and I did not drink often ( that might have changed a little in my Senior Year ).  I have however never done a drug in my life and for that I am proud and for that I say thanks for Sports.  I hung around plenty of people who did drugs in high school but I stood my ground and I stood strong.  I was honestly never tempted by them and I never really felt like per pressure affected me.  Everyone makes there own choices in life and doing drugs was one choice that I always said NO to and that I would never change my mind about.

I think sports ground people, keep them active ( in which we know all kids need these days ), allows you to meet many different people you may never have met before, allows parents to interact with other parents,  keeps parents involved in their childs life ( someone has to drive the kid to and from all sports ), might give the opportunity to travel and see different places, gives a child confidence, builds : discipline, listening skills, respect and so much more.

Any opportunity I get to have my child in a sport, they will be there trying that sport.  Until they tell me that they are not interested or do not like the sport I will continue to keep trying different sports.  I am so glad that Alex has been in gymnastics, dance and swimming.  I have been lucky that she has enjoyed being in each of those classes and that they challenge her and that she is learning new things and every class.

I usually give Alex a pep talk on the way to a class and home from the class.  I talk to her about listening to her coaches and that she should have fun but that she should also be learning something new and that it should be challenging. I have to constantly remind her that it is not race in gymnastics and that it is about doing your best and doing each task your best but not the fastest.  I always tell her that it doesn't matter who crosses the floor first but who does it the best and who listens to the directions of the coach the best is what it important.

I am not pushy but I want her to do her best and I want her to soak up any and all information that she can while in that 45 minute class.  I may be a little bit tough on her but I don't put her in a sport just because and I will not let her goof off and play around while she is out there supposed to be learning. I would be lying if I didn't want her to find 1 or 2 sports that she can excel at and go far in. I think that if she has a chance in going far in a sport then she needs to start that sport now or with in the next few years.

But I only want this for her ( and Avin ) if this is what she wants and chooses.  I would never force her to be involved in something she didn't love and didn't want to be involved it.  Would I try and convince her and show her all the positives to a sport that she is good at of course I would but if she ever told me no then I would not force it.  I want my girls to be happy and I think that sports can help make someone happy.

Sports have been such a big part of my life and my husbands
life that I only hope it is a big part of my girls lives.

 ( finale at dance rehearsal )

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Annie said...

I was on that competitive cheer teem too!! my team was state champs :)....ha.....great memories!!