Monday, May 2, 2011


This 4 year old has been asking for a trampoline for awhile now. 
My mom and step dad offered to get her one for her 4th birthday and I knew she would be ecstatic.
My mom actually picked it up on Black Friday and got half off! So she had it hidden for 5 months.

When she saw it she was so excited and couldn't wait until her dad and uncle put it together.
We took her to the park and Sams Club just so that the guys could work in peace. 

 As soon as we got home she had to get right on it.
She loves the trampoline and always wants to have friends over to jump.

 They love it and they love doing all sorts of flips and butt drops!

Alex even tries to flip!

We have some rules when it comes to the trampoline.
No friends on it unless parents are in the back watching them.
I have also had it only be the younger kids on the trampoline, I don't want to deal with the bigger 
kids on the trampoline but I jump on it and so does the husband!

Thanks Grandma Char and Papa Jack for the wonderful gift!


Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

I bet she does love it. Aleigha got one for her bday also from the grandparents & she is in love. And it's a great way to burn off energy. :)

Erica said...

LOVE trampolines! I'd be out there with her all the time, lol.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

So cute!!! I bet she loves it!
P.S. I love the new blog look! I'm out of the loop after being so sick for a week!

Anonymous said...

How sweet!! How did she hide such a big gift?

Tami said...

Aww! I love all the trampoline pictures! It looks like it will be well loved!

Annie said...

How fun!! I bet she LOVES it!