Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Friends Forever

Living in a circle can be an amazing thing or a horrible thing.  
You can love your neighbors or hate them.

We are lucky and live in a circle with the best neighbors you could ask for.
Moms, Dads and kids all get along and it is amazing.

We spend many hours a week playing outside.
The kids play with each other and the moms sit and chat.
The dads are usually doing yard work or throwing a football around. 

We also have play dates and some of the girls will come over to my house
or Alex will go over there and play for a few hours. 

These 3 girls have grown up together and have become best friends. 
They play with each other daily and though they have there moments they get along great right now. 

Keylee is the oldest and Alex is the youngest.  
Keylee being 6 months older then Alex with Mya in between. 

Alex, Mya and Keylee are in swimming together right now.
Alex and Mya do both Gymnastics and Dance together.
Alex loves sports but she enjoys it even more with her friends there. 

The three girls seem to get along great but yet have such different personalities.  
I can't wait to watch them grow and turn into little ladies. 

Alex, Mya & Keylee 
4 years old


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Cute pictures! You're so lucky to have great neighbors!

Verna said...

Love the photos! You are lucky to live in such a nice neighborhood where your little ones can play and grow together.

Anonymous said...

Precious pictures! I especially like the ones of them holding hands and their feet. So cute!!

Katie said...

PRECIOUS pictures! Wow, I'm so impressed. I would love to live in your neighborhood! We don't have neighbors. ; 0 Sounds like ya'll have a great time!

Katie said...

I'm not sure if my comment went through, but these pictures are wonderful!! GREAT job and sweet girls. Love those smiles and poses!

Anonymous said...

I somehow lost your blog on my reader! Maybe you changed your domain? I don't know! Glad to have found you again ;) LOVE this post, too! Wish we had similar neighbors! My girls are the youngest in our neighborhood, with the next up being 8 yrs old!