Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby

( first trip to the lake 2011 )

Today the Hubs turns 31! 
Today the Hubs starts a new job.

We celebrated last night with my family at Redstone. 
It was fun to be with family and celebrate his birthday.  Avin was a complete daddy girl while there and he got to hold her most of the time, which is unusual.

The hubs had chicken and ribs and I got a salad.  We love Redstone. 
Probably my most favorite place to eat, and I worked there for a few years way back when as a hostess. 

( daddy insulating the atic at his parents house - June 2011 )

Tonight we are having cake and pizza and doing gifts with just our little family. 
The girls and I are actually heading out soon to get daddy a few little things and pick up the cake and maybe a balloon or two.

Tomorrow his parents will come into town and we will go to Texas Roadhouse for some yummy steak!
His parents will then be taking the girls with them back home on Thursday or Friday for the weekend.

On the same day as his 31st birthday the hubs will also be starting a new job with a new career path. Thanks to our neighbor for points the hubs in this new direction that we only hope he loves he starts a job at VRad ( Virtual Radiologic Company ).

He will still be working with computers but more on the medical side of things and working with many different radiologists.  Complete new and he will have a lot to learn but that is important and will keep challenging him which is always a good thing.

I am so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone ( Best Buy ) and applying for this job.  He is so smart and talented and I knew if he put his mind to a new position / job he could land whatever job he wanted.  He was paitent when it came to this company and he or they never gave up and he finally starts today!

Happy Birthday Babe and I hope you enjoyed your first day at your new job!

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Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Chad! I hope he has a great day at his new job! Fun new beginnings!