Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome Summer

The past few days we have actually experienced Summer.  
Here in Minnesota it can go from 60 degrees to 105 degrees in a matter of days.  
We can get snow, hail, tornadoes and 100+ degree weather all within the same month.

The last two days it has been HOT!
By hot I mean it was around 105 degrees yesterday and I think someone on facebook posted
that we where the hottest city in the states.  That is insane and not right at all.

We pretty much stayed indoors yesterday because that type of heat is not wanted here.
But this past weekend was amazing and the girls played outside all day long and loved every second of it.

They played in each girls little pools and out neighbor even set up the huge slip n slide and they had fun with that on Sunday ( i was gone so I have no pictures )

Avin loved the pool.  
She is such a daring little girl and she loves the water.  She was walking around, tipping over, and enjoying every single second of it!  She sucked in a little water, choked a little but loved it all. She is going to be trouble at the lake this summer!

I am loving every bit of my children right now.  
I love the stages that they are both in and am so excited for this summer with them.  

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Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Cute swimming pics! I'm glad you're finally getting warm (HOT) weather!