Monday, October 17, 2011

101 Market

 Another tradition we are starting to make is heading to the 101 Market with Alex best friends ( and my best friends).  The girls love going together and its a fun time to just get out of the house and enjoy some fall activities. 

Keylee, Mya and Alex! 

 They added some new things to the 101 Market and improved other things.  It was more enjoyable this year and it was more reasonable for prices. 

 Alex favorite thing is racing the ducks.  I am not sure when she loves about it so much but its the one thing she wants to do over and over again. 

The corn pit is something the girls do for about 5 minutes and then move on.  There is also a large pumpkin jumping house that they love to play.  You bring 1 can of food and you get to jump for free.  This rope course was new this year and the girls didn't really do much with it.

 There is a potato launcher and the corn blaster were a hit last year but this year the girls only wanted to do the potato launcher.  The corn blaster is super loud! 

It was so cute a girl before Alex was shooting the potato and she looked at her mom and said.. It almost went up to god! 

After we did everything once we sat down and got a snack before we went back and did the ducks one more time.  It was a really nice day and it was super busy.  We spent about 3 hours there and the girls had a blast. 

Can't wait for next year!

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