Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Celebrating With Papa Mick

We had a very busy weekend last weekend.  We celebrated Avins 2nd birthday with friends and family and the minute her party was over we put the kids in the car and headed up to North Dakota to celebrate Grandpa Micks Birthday, which was on Sunday. 

It was a last minute decision to head to North Dakota.  We planned on going up this coming weekend but things had changed and we needed to be there this past weekend.  Papa Mick has been battleing Brain Cancer for the past 4 years and things have started to really go down hill these past few months.  Thoughts and Prayers for him and Chads family would be appreciated. 

I had but a day to think of a gift to get papa Mick.  Something that would be meaningful and that he would be able to use.  Mick was put into a hospital on Monday for some Physical Therapy.  He is there for sure for two weeks.  So my brain went crazy and I thought about taking a bunch of pictures of him with the girls and making a collage.  So I spent a few hours gathering the pictures, ran to wal mart and printed the pictures and came home and cut the pictures and started placing them on the board.  I had no idea it would take me two hours to fit them all and figure out the best way to display them. 

A few people at Avin's Birthday Party saw it and loved it.  I knew by the reaction on Mick's face when he opened it with the girls that he loved it as well. Bringing tears to someones eyes with a present makes all the time, effort and thought put into it so meaningful and so worth it. 

 Watching everyone look at the pictures and how each picture brought back memories from special occasions was amazing.  Pictures from times at the lake, 2 or 3 different Easters, the girls birthday parties, both of their baptisms and other random family get togethers.

Aunt Neese took some time and read Papa his birthday cards from friends and family.  All who love and care about him very much.  It was touching to hear the words they put into those cards and it was even more touching to see just how much those words impacted Papa Mick.

My girls are truly blessed with the grandparents they have.  They are so lucky that they get to spend so much time with each and everyone of them. I am so glad that I have got to capture so many pictures over the last 5 years so that one day my girls can look back and remember some of the moments they may not have without pictures to help. 

Last weekend when Chad and Avin went up to spend some time with his family ( Alex and I stayed home for a photo shoot and birthday party ) Avin was in the bedroom with grandma and grandpa.  Avin saw that grandma was struggling and came out and said "daddy help" without anyone even asking her.  Alex does things like walking up to papa and asking if he needs grandma or a drink or if he wants anything to eat.  They may be little but they pick up on everything and they are both so sweet and show their love in such amazing ways.

Hope you had an amazing birthday Mick.  
We all love you and cherish the days we get to spend with you.

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Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Those photos brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful! Sending prayers his way.