Saturday, April 7, 2012

Alex Turns 5!

Alex and I together chose a Rainbow theme for her 5th birthday!
( I will admit I am not a princess fan and think its extremely overrated and would prefer if I never have to put together / throw a princess party! )

Thanks to Etsy and Blogs I was able to get some great ideas for her party!
I love being able to order things on Etsy in the colors I need for great prices!  

 The entire reason I wanted to do the Rainbow theme was because of this amazing cake!

We knew we wanted the inside to be the same but I let Alex pick
 what she wanted on the outside and she went with a bunch of hearts!

 This was the first year Alex was in preschool or any type of school
and I was a little unsure on how to handle who to invite and no invite.

In the end I decided to invite all the girls from her class!
I felt ok with this but a little bad, I knew I couldnt invite her entire class 
plus other friends that she has.  So we stuck with the girls and friends of my friends and neighbors!

All the kids at the party!

More pictures of the kids having fun!

Some other decorations and party favors!

Family Pictures to end the day!!

 Happy 5th Birthday Alexandra!!!

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