Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mall Of America

Grandma had a bunch of points for The Mall Of America Amusement Park burning a hole in her pocket so last week we met Heather and Ceci at the mall and went on some rides, did a little shopping and had a yummy lunch.

 Everyone got to enjoy the carousel and grandma got to capture some fun pictures!
I adore all these pictures.. 

They just love the Mall Of America and never want to leave when they get to go on the rides.
The fun part is we all get to go on a few rides with them and we all enjoy it.

 Alex wanted to go on a ride like the Power Tower at Valleyfair.
I was the lucky one that got to go with her.  I love rides and this one made my stomach crazy.
When it was over she said that was fun but I don't want to go again.

Last one of my beautiful niece! 

Thanks again mom for a very fun day at the mall!
We really appreciate all the time we get to spend with you.

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