Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Last year of dance ...
for now...

Each year of dance they have a little award show and get a trophy that has their name on it as well as how many years of dance they have been in.  Each year the trophy gets a little bigger.  The girls are so proud of their trophy's and love the awards day at dance!

Dance Recital Time...
It is always a process getting Alex ready on dance recital day.  She hates having me do her hair but doesn't mind the make up part.  She looks so cute and grown up with her hair and make up done, can't believe that she is already 5.

 Some of her dance moves...
I am always surprised with how much they remember and how well they do on dance recital day.

 Some of her friends in her class
and her second costume.

The ending ..
I am a little sad that she will not be in dance anymore but am loving that she is in gymnastics.
I think dance is one of those things every little girl needs to be in for 1 or 2 years, it is a great starting point for a lot of sports ( gymnastics and cheerleading ). 

Maybe Avin will start up in the years to come or maybe Alex will go back :)

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