Friday, May 18, 2012

End Of Preschool

 Alex preschool class put on a little show for friends and family to end the school year!
The entire class was working on these songs and all the 
moves that went with them for a few months.

It was a lot of fun going from listening to her sing the songs at home to watching 
her perform them at school.

I didn't notice this while I was taking the pictures and watching the performance but...
 OMG look at my daughter and this little dude!!!!!!!!

Someone please tell me I am seeing things .....

 Are they totally not flirting?!?!
In church...

My mom came with and we had a great time watching Alex sing and do her little moves..

Alex loved preschool and met so many little friends.
Her teacher was so sweet and Alex learned so much!  I think having her in preschool was very helpful for getting her ready for kindergarten this year! 

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