Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Training Wheels...

Could not be more proud of Alex this evening she learned how to ride her bike without her training wheels on.  She was so proud of herself and so excited that she road her bike for over 2 hours without her training wheels.  She finally came in at 8pm and had dinner and went to sleep!

I think it helped that my mom and step dad got her one of those little bikes that has no pedals.. She has been riding that thing for the past few months and loves it.  Now she will be riding her bike all over all the time!  

She has been so brave with riding her bike without training wheels.  She started by going just on flat ground for the first half hour or so and then I looked out the window and saw her riding down the hill on our circle and going super fast into driveways and making sharp turns.  She can get started on her own and stop on her own! 

So Proud Of This Girl!

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