Saturday, July 21, 2012

Grandview Lodge...Part 1

Everyone flew in and we all drove up 
to Gull Lake to spend 5 days together in one large cabin!

 Entire Family - Heather ( plus baby on the way ), Ceci, Adam, Nash, Kendra, Alex, Nolan, Ross,
 My Mom, Step Dad, Avin, Me, Chad, Joey, Lauren and Kieran..

Some of us made it the entire Thursday - Tuesday and others 
could only make it for a few of those days.

The days we did have together as an entire family were great and memories were made!

 Bon Fire on the first night... First time some of the kids had made and tried smores!
They were a hit if you can't tell by the faces :)!

Being so close to the lake and the beach....
Well we spent one day in the sand and that for me was more then enough.

The sand itself was HOT...
I mean, you couldn't even walk on it without wanting to scream and run!!

Not to mention once you start playing in the sand..
you can never get rid of the sand and it follows you all over the place...
Sand overall annoys me and would rather stay away from it!

The kids did enjoy it for the day but over all they much prefer the indoor pool 
with the shallow waters, slide and warm tub!

 Avin was the only one to get hurt during the entire trip...
Fell over a little bike and really bit up her lip...
too much blood for my liking!!


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