Monday, September 17, 2012

Family Photos

You think I would enjoy them and know exactly how to get that perfect photo...
But no, I hate getting family photos taken... they stress me out, make me crabby and make me be a complete bitch to the people around me!

It takes me forever to decide what we are going to wear.
I usually end up having to buy a few new things because we 
never have something that matches or goes together!

Then getting my kids to actually listen and want to take photos
has become almost impossible!

They just want to do their own thing with their own ideas...
which i guess in the end is what you really want because the 
pictures are more natural and real!

Thankfully my mom comes to help get the kids attention towards the camera when she can!

Picking a location is never a hard choice for me.
I usually know where I want pictures and what I want them to look like,
its just getting them to turn out that is the issue!

We get crazy pictures like this one above!
Crazy but I love it!

 Then we get pictures like this that I ADORE!
These are framed in my house and I absolutely love them!

A few ok sibling pictures!
Def not my favorite but its almost impossible
to get them to sit together!

As you can tell on Alex face on the top picture,
I'm sure she is holding Avin really tight!

 and we end with these giggling pictures that I LOVE!

Thanks to my friend Anna for taking these again this year!
Thanks for dealing with my crazy self while we take family pictures!

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