Thursday, November 29, 2012

Avin Update

She is almost 3 years old....

Nuk -

 Yes of course she still has it.. 
As many as she can find for as long as you will let her have it. 
 We are working on it and I am a sucker and give into her far more than I should!

Favorite Words -

Gimmie it
I don't want to
I can't do it 
Alex wont let me 
I wanna do it all by myself 
it's mine 
I wanna touch you're ear

Favorite TV Shows -

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Curious George 

Favorite Drink -

Chocolate Milk
Apple Juice

Favorite Food -

Papa Jacks Pasta
Mac & Cheese
Mcdonalds Cheeseburger

Potty Training -

We are trying and she goes through phases where she will tell you when she has to go and wants to go.  We had a really good week or two but I am not pushing it nor really trying.  Just letting her tell me and inform me when she is ready to go on the potty!

 Sleep -

Is there ever such thing..
If she naps she is up until 11 at night 
If she doesn't nap she is a complete nightmare
If she naps or doesnt nap she still wakes up in the middle of the night
No matter how she sleeps she wakes up with that crazy hair

She has crazy growing pains...
4 times a month or more she is woken and in extreme pain
It doesn't always happen at night either.

Chad and I both had horrible growing pains 
so I just feel so horrible when she is going throw them!

Touch -

Obsessed with touch...
Always wants to be touching your ears..
Doesn't matter who you are if she can spot your ears she will try and rub them
If she can't make it to your ears then she wants to touch any part of skin she can find

 Devilish -

She can be so mean and nasty..
Push every single button you have...
and test every ounce of paitence you were given...

She is that child that needs one of those leashes..
because she takes of in any direction possible while at the mall..
but really who are those parents that put you're kid on a leash...
yeah def not me!

Outgoing -

She usually isn't shy at all
Makes her way to the front of anything just so she can see and listen..
Loves making new friends and is always calling any kid she sees her friend...

Imagination -

Unlike Alex, Avin will actually play with herself..
She will close her door and play for a short amount of time...
I love listening to what she comes up with even though
half the time she seems to be screaming and singing!

Though her and Alex are finally at an age 
where they will play together nicely 
most of the time!

Trouble -

Paper... who needs it
Even if she has paper, I swear she will lift it up and color under it.
Colors on the walls and tables and even herself!

Destine... belongs on the body
but to her it belongs in the mouth and on the carpet!

chap stick... she wants it all in chunks
all over her face and hands!

If it is silent for too long
You know this little lady is getting into

 More than anything 
she is a lover, a snuggler and an amazing little sister!

She will make you laugh
She will brighten anyones day
She will make you fall in love with her!

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Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

She is adorable! I can't believe how grown up she looks!