Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

My pair of dice!

At first Alex wanted to be a princess...
I am not a fan of dressing them up as princesses...
Just like I am not a fan of princess parties!

But I was willing to go with it if...
She wanted to do princess and the frog...
Alex would be the princess and Avin the frog!
But Alex was not a fan of that princess outfits so we had to think of something else...
 ( papa jack being goofy )

So we had to start coming up with different ideas..
I came up with dice, which she hated right away but grew to like!
Once I told her she could pick the color of the dice and that we could put their 
ages on the front of the dice she was all for the idea and was actually excited about it!

Even I dressed up this year!!

Alex and I the week before our Halloween Party went and saw Hotel Transylvania!
She loved it and when I asked her what I should be this year she said Mavis!

It was a lot of fun dressing up..
can't believe I went so many years without dressing up!
I will be dressing up for Halloween from now on!

 I took the girls up to Elk River to trick or treat with their dad and friends!
They were super excited!
 Excited but didn't want to run around in their dice costumes for long.
Avin lasted about 20 minutes in hers and Alex about 40!

Alex helping Avin trick or treat lasted about 2 houses...
Then the big girls ran off ahead...

Avin and Makenna were left behind..
but managed to have a lot of fun...

I carried the boxes....
Chad carried Avin....
and she still woke up that night with leg pains...

One last big girl group shot of the night!
Keylee, Mya and Alex!

I really hope that with the distance
 they can continue to be close friends!