Monday, December 17, 2012

Alexandra Update

This little lady, shes....
 magical, amazing, one of a kind, sweet, goofy, outgoing, warm hearted, respectful, funny, sensitive, always wanting to learn, willing to help,  and always wanting a kiss and hug goodnight! 

School -

Alex started kindergarten this year and is LOVING it!!
She comes home every day excited to show me what she had done and tell me about her day!

She is even loving homework...
her homework consists of practicing writing her numbers, letters,
 sight words and any other words I might give her!

 ( some of her work displayed around the outside of her classroom )
The only complaint her teacher had on top of all the compliments and wonderful things
was that during quite time Alex sings and hums to herself ( but a little bit louder then to herself )..
To me.. that made my heart smile... she is such a wonderful little girl!

I've been lucky enough to surprise Alex at school with lunch twice now!  It is so much fun to walk outside and watch her play for a little bit before her or one of her friends notices me!  Once she sees me she comes running and gives me the best hug ever!!

Hearing her talk to her little friends and hold conversations with them is so heart warming.  I love being there and having them talk to me and ask me millions of little questions.

Sleep -

I was worried that the transition for Alex would be really tough during bedtime.
 I figured she would want to sleep with me and end up in my
bed most times but she really proved me wrong.

She has done so well with a bedtime routine and going into
her bed without complaining or coming out at night.  I do let her read
but she always reads herself to sleep within 10 to 15 minutes.

Lately she has been coming in my room at around 5am
complaining that she is having dreams!

Outside -

Alex would live outside if I would let her.
 Doesn't matter the temperature, hot or cold she is always wanting to be outside!  She will go door to door seeing if her friends can play and if they can't play she will find something else to do outside by herself or with her sister!

During the summer she is a little fish!
If at the cabin, a swimming pool, splash pad or just running through a sprinkler!  Alex absolutely loves the water, and I think we went to my moms pool 6 or 7 times this summer just so they could swim!   She is learning how to swim on her own and has also learned how to do flips into the water, with and without her life jacket one.  She is one brave girl, but not overly brave!

During the winter she is a snow bunny!
 She will get herself dressed just so she can get outside and play!  She has already been outside 7 or 8 times since the snow fall, that number would be a lot higher if I would allow her outside in the dark!

Sensitive -

Alex has a very sensitive side, which can be both good and bad.
She can get worked up, run away crying to her room over me asking her to drink her milk, or she can want an extra hug and kiss before she heads off to school in the morning. 
Alex always wants a kiss and hug before school as well as before she goes to bed.
I love this part of her and little does she know I sneak into her room before I go to sleep and tuck her in and kiss her goodnight and tell her I love her one more time each night!

She is over sensitive when she gets in trouble, or when she wants something that she knows she is not allowed to have or do.  This can drive me insane at times because its the smallest things that will send her over the edge, crying running up to her room.

She is so sweet ( most the time ) to her sister and is so loving when it comes to Avin.  There relationship together absolutely melts my heart!  Her sensitive side really comes out when she is dealing / interacting with Avin.

Time With Mom -

Alex loves one on one time with me and I absolutely love spending time alone with her!  
I get to spend every day with Avin and do so many fun things with her while Alex is at school so it is really special when my mom and step dad take Avin for a little while and allow me to take Alex and do fun things with just her.

Alex and I went and saw Hotel Transylvania around Halloween and we just saw Rise Of The Guardians this past weekend.  Both were great and I love taking her to movies.  If I could afford it and had the time I would take her to every kid movie out there.  There are a lot of really good ones coming out soon so hopefully we can catch a few more in the theaters!

Extra Activities -

Alex is a busy girl and she loves it!
She is always asking to try or do new things and I wish I could allow her to test everything she wanted to, but sadly each activity costs money so we pick and compromise on a few different things.

Right now Alex is in Church ( Sparks, Awanna Club ) and Gymnastics ( Classic Gymnastics ).

She has 3 jewels on her wings so far and she is very proud of herself for that, as I am very proud of her as well.  She has to memorize so many verses before she can get a jewel, she really works hard and loves going to church every week.

She is in gymnastics one night a week and has been working really hard to move up to the next level.  She has to just master her lunge to handstand back down to lunge and she will be moving up.  We are both hoping that she will master that this week and be allowed to move up when the next session starts. 

Alex has done swimming lessons and dance in the past.  She will continue to do swimming lessons this summer as well as try Soccer or T-ball, which these I can not wait for!

Friends -

Any chance she can get, she is wanting to play or be around her friends. 
 She loves playing with them outside, going places and meeting up with friends or simply going over to their house or them coming here! 

Hopefully with Alex being in school now we will have a lot more play dates!  
I am hoping she will have her first sleep over soon.
Also hoping to get to know some of the little friends in her class so that over the summer we can set up play dates.

Alex is also hoping over the summer she will get to she her friends from our old house a lot more and possibly have some sleep overs with them.  I know she misses them a lot and wishes she could see them more!

One Thing To The Next - 

Alex never stays at one thing long enough and has never been in love with anything!  She isn't like most girls where she will sit and play with barbies, legos or dolls.  She likes all those things but will only sit and play with each one for a short period of time until she is bored and onto the next thing.

She will however sit and draw or color for an hour or more at a time. 
 She has been really into arts and crafts lately! 

Sassy, Energetic, learner...

Alex is very sassy and is never afraid to show that part 
of her personality off! She is always goofy and able to put a smile on 
your face with that sassy part of her. 

She has more energy then she knows what to do with! 
 She is always on the go and always looking for something new to do.  Once it 
hits 9pm she is in bed reading to herself and out within 10 minutes!

She is a big time learner, always wanting to know and learn more.  
She is always asking questions and asking how to do or spell certain things.  
Even though she doesnt have homework she is always looking to do something 
that she can take to school the next day and show her teacher!

 Favorites -

Food - Mac & Cheese

TV Show - Sponge Bob

Color - Blue

Best Friends - Megan and Lauren

Treat - Fruit Snacks 

Activity - Art & Soccer

Love this little girl soooo MUCH!!!
She brightens each and every day!!!!