Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

 Our Entire Family
Though about to be a little bit larger
Welcoming 3 more babies before next Christmas!

 Grandma ...
trying to get a picture with the grandchildren!

Grandma and Grandpa...
trying to get a picture with all the grandchildren.
 and as you can see it turned out well!

Some cute photos of my girls
and my niece and nephews! 

Some randoms while opening gifts!

On Christmas Day 
We head over to my parents house and celebrate with a small part
 of my step dads family.  We do brunch and just hang out and talk.  

After they leave we hang out for a bit and get ready to open presents!
We all sit around and open all the gifts at once!  Its fun to see all the little ones open all their gifts and get excited about what they got. Once we are done with gifts we just kind of hang out and enjoy each other.  We did this year go home for a little bit and let the girls rest while all the other little ones took a nap at my parents.  We then went back in the evening for more family time and dinner!

Merry Christmas!

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