Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mall Of America With The Family!

One thing we always do while all my siblings are
 in town is hit up the Mall Of America!

With the family growing, it is even more fun 
to watch all the little ones faces light up on each ride!

The place was crowded but we had unlimited passes
and went on as many rides as possible!

Each year is a little differernt because these little ones 
keep growing and can go on more and more rides!

Only a few things as great as watching my siblings
 interact with their children and their nieces and nephews!

After we all get tired of rides... actually that doesn't happen,
 more like when its time to get to our reservation at Tucci Benucch, 
we are  all starving and craving some amazing baked spaghetti!

 This has become a tradition for our family
and it is something that I look forward to every year! 

Still waiting to see if Ross has some pictures to add to these!

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