Saturday, February 9, 2013

3rd Birthday Party For Avin

Tinkerbell Birthday Theme!

 Another amazing cake by one of my cake ladies Amy.
Love that I can just show her a picture and she is like BAM i can do that!
So talented and yummy!!

So sad looking back I didn't get pics of all the decorations.
Also on the fireplace had 5 pictures of Avin in frames from her 3 year birthday shoot.
I had a birthday banner from my friend Kelly and I made a cupcake banner as well!

 For this party I did all finger foods.
Making an entire meal seemed like a lot of work
and in the end I like finger foods a lot more then a meal!

Birthday Girl about to open all her gifts!
She got a lot of fun stuff and lots of stuff for her babies!

Even Alex had some of her good friends at the party.

Hope you had a wonderful 3rd Birthday Party Avin!

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