Sunday, February 10, 2013

In a matter of moments.....

Well years, 3 to be exact...
But those years seemed like a few blinks of an eye,
a few moments in time...

Ok I lie..
some days dragged on for far too long and some moments seemed like years with this little girl
but I wouldn't change the last 3 years with her for anything in the world.

 What did only take me a few moments,
was capturing these stunning pictures of my now 3 year old little lady.

In those short moments
I captured her personality and that amazing smile.

She was so perfect during this photo shoot which made it so easy and fun!
You don't need a million pictures, just a few that truly show their personalities.

 This one...
has not one ounce of shyness in her body.
Doesn't matter where she is, she will make friends.
And she will call them just that and make sure to say goodbye to each of her friends.

She may be small....
but the voice she holds is always loud and screaming,
and well her ears they don't know what it means to listen.

An imagination....
Avin has this cute little imagination and uses it while playing by herself or with her friends.
She actually helps bring out Alex imagination ( which was non existent when she was younger ).
Love hearing and watching Avin play by herself and making up stories with her babies.

She is so caring.
Always wanting hugs, snuggles and to be within arms reach of you.
She says I love you at least 4 times a day.

She is a toucher / feeler.
She is always wanting to be touching you and if she can 
see any skin on your arms or legs she is wanting to touch it. 
She is not as obsessed with ears as she was but still loves them.
If she lays in bed with you her legs have to be touching you at all times. 

Picky Eater ..
This girl just doesn't eat much at all.
One good meal a day and that is about it.
She snacks or drinks a ton of milk.

She is the boss.
She is still loving gymnastics.
She is a chocolate milk lover.
She still has her wild and crazy hair.
She is always making a mess, so messy.
 She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Octonuats. 
 She is the girl that always has her shoes on the wrong feet.
Paper, whats paper.. this girl writes on walls and anything but paper.

Happy 3rd Birthday Beautiful Little Lady!

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