Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mall Of America Times Two!

 This trip to the Mall of America was a little special!
Alex got to go on a lot of the bigger rides for the first time!

Few photos from my phone before the roller coasters take off!

I absolutley love that my girls love rides!
I enjoy being able to take them on rides and spending 
the day that the mall with them!

Not to mention that grandma and grandpa still love rides!
Love capturing these moments that my girls have with their grandparents!

Her first time on the bumper cars.
 She wasn't tall enough to drive but we sure had fun!

Grandma took her on the big green coaster
that goes all over the entire park!

Avin never misses out on the fun!

Though she wishes she could get in on the big rides like her sister,
she is more then happy riding with papa, as you can tell!!

A few pictures from another time at the mall,
Toddler Tuesday, we went on a few rides!

We sure do love the rides at the MOA! 

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