Saturday, April 27, 2013

Golden Birthday!

On Alex actual 6th birthday we ( family ) met at Dave N Busters for some food and games!
Everyone had so much fun and it was nice to have a little 
get together with family still but not a large party at my place!

 For her Friends Party..
She chose to have it at her gymnastics place!

This was such a great idea!
Just brought some cake and ice cream,
let the coaches take the kids, open gifts,
and went home! 

 It was really fun to see with all her school friends,
as well as meet some of them and their parents!

 Avin and one of her little friends Makenna,
got to join in on the fun as well !

They got to do the tumble track, parachute, rope swing into the pit, trampoline
and a fun little course on the floor which had a bunch of different things!

I love these action shots of Avin and Alex!

Seeing those smiles on their faces sure brightens any day and makes me one happy mommy!

 They played a bunch of different games with the parachute,
I think this was the most fun for the girls!

Love seeing all these smiles and silly faces on these girls!

It has been great watching Alex build friendships and hear about all these different girls throughout
the year! I was worried with all the changes she might have a difficult time but she has grown so much and its been amazing to watch!

 After they had a blast playing in the gym..
we had cake and ice cream..
with presents to follow!

Hope you had a wonderful 6th Birthday Party Alexandra!

Love You!!

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