Friday, April 12, 2013

The Turtle...

The week after Alex 6th birthday she comes running into the house one day with an extra bag in her hands!  She has this big smile on her face and quickly pulls out this little turtle named Franklin and explains to me all about him and what we are to do!

Not only did she had Franklin but it was also her all about me week and she got to fill out this little "All about ME T-shirt".  Answered questions about her favorite subject and things to do at school as well as what she does while she is not at school and about her family! 

That first night the girls and I got into bed and read the stories of all the other kids in her class and how much they each had with Franklin!  It was a lot of fun to have Alex tell me a little bit about each of the kids and how much she knew about their families!

As you can tell Alex & Avin LOVED having Franklin around!

 Alex made sure Franklin was snuggled up with her before she fell asleep at night 
and she brought him down with her in the morning and snuggled him
 up on the couch while watching a show before school. 

I did allow her to bring Franklin to school one day for rest time! 
She was super excited about that.

On top of Franklin and her All About Me T..
Alex already had a busy week ahead of her!

She had a science project that was due at the end of the week.
Her dad came over and helped her with her science project which I appreciated a ton
and I know he really enjoyed helping her!  They had to build a little box that would hold an egg and not allow it to break when dropped from a few feet in the air!  

Wednesday was also a big day for Alex as she had her award ceremony for Awana, her wed night church group!  They had bounce houses and all sorts of fun things for the kids to do before the award ceremony. 

Me, Alex, Avin, Chad, my mom and step dad all went to the church program to be there for Alex when she got her award!  It was a lot of fun and I am excited for her and Avin to both take place in this program again next year!

Thursday nights we head to gymnastics!  
We had to stop and get all the pictures printed before we went to gymnastics so I had to snap a few of Alex in her outfit with Franklin!  

It was most definitely a busy week for me and the girls, but a fun one!
Loved having Franklin at our house and loved capturing some of these memories for Alex!

This week really gave me a glimps of the years to come...

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Candi said...

Love this! Those are memories they'll have forever. I need to take more photos of my kids. I don't do that enough.